Chinese Women Team Getting Ready For The World Team Championships

Chinese Women Team getting ready for the World Team Championships
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The Chinese Women Team ushered the 2012 World Tour season with a superb performance in the Hungary and Slovenia Open as they clinched the championship titles in a safe manner. In addition to this, head coach Shi Zhihao gave his confidence to the new generation players for the upcoming World Team Championships and the Olympic Games. He also stated that their main goal as of now is to complete their list for the upcoming world championships.

Ding Ning, Li Xiaoxia, Guo Yan, Liu Shiwen, Wu Yang and Fan Ying of the Chinese Women Team did a great job in the first two stations of this year's ITTF World Tour series. In both occasions, the Chinese team has successfully sealed the championship titles as early as before the semifinal round took place. 

Currently, the entire team is already in the third stage for the upcoming Olympic preparation. The main task for this phase is to complete the 51st World Team Championships list. In accordance to the Olympic countdown, a more focused training is particularly important. We must have a solid training to redeem ourselves from our defeat in Moscow two years ago and have a strong psychological advantage and confidence to participate in the Olympic Games.

With Wang Nan and Zhang Yining leaving, the entire team has been looking a real core team leader. However, this must not shake our winning spirit as we are determined to recycle the elite team.

Through a year of honing the competition, we have achieved excellent results in the last two years and saw the passion and hard work of the younger players. They bravely assume the responsibility given to them and this shows their gradual maturity. It can be said that the team has basically completed the replacement of the old players. We have enough confidence to regain the lost World Team Championships title and to complete the task for the upcoming Olympic Games.

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