Qin Zhijian On Xu Xin

Qin Zhijian on Xu Xin
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In the recent meeting of all table tennis coaches, coach Qin Zhijian gave his speech about his disciple Xu Xin. In contrast to Ma Long, Xu Xin posted a decrease in his performance in the later part of 2011. With this, Qin Zhijian wants to address the stability issues of Xu Xin through encouraging him and establishing a transparent communication. Amidst issues, Qin Zhijian still considers Xu Xin to be a talented player.

The following are the words of Qin Zhijian: Xu Xin has a unique intelligence and impact. In the early part of 2011, Xu Xin won the championship titles in the Qatar and Slovenian Open which gained him the momentum for the Olympic competition. However, his rather early defeat in the World Championships left a serious impact on Xu Xin. This shook the stability of his abilities and gained suspicion.

In the second half of the year, Xu Xin wasn't able to have his best performance. In the World Team Cup, Xu Xin's performance wasn't perfect enough as well. Considering the rapid rise of Zhang Jike and Ma Long, Xu Xin just widened his distance against them.

I feel that Xu Xin's technical skills aren't enough and the reason behind this is mainly on his ideology. His maturity and his technical abilities are not in the same level. This gave me even higher requirements as I need to spend more time in molding him.

Despite this, Xu Xin remains a unique talent having special skills in table tennis and I have the confidence to build this young man. To participate in the London Olympics is still Xu Xin's goal in the Winter Training. After his loss in the World Championships, his confidence was shaken. To address the problem, I must, first of all, need to encourage him constantly. Second, I need to be transparent with him in talking with his problems to start addressing his technological issues much easier.

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