Ovtcharov And Samsonov Eliminated, While Baum Was Disqualified From The 2012 European Championships! (Videos)

Ovtcharov and Samsonov eliminated, while Baum was disqualified from the 2012 European Championships! (VIDEOS)
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Upsets didn't end in the men's singles of the 2012 European Championships. Patrick Baum was disqualified for a racket issue after beating Adrian Crisan by 4:2. Then Dimitrij Ovtcharov and Vladimir Samsonov faced defeat at hands of Croatia's Tan Ruiwu and Germany's Bastian Steger, respectively. Therefore, Timo Boll is the only top seed in competition.

More surprises in the fourth day of competition at the 2012 European Championships. Patrick Baum had defeated Romania's Adrian Crisan and was still in competition to defend his second place won in the two previous tournaments. However, the German player was disqualified from the tournament, because one of his rubber thickness was bigger than accepted. Baum's racket was tested before the match and the umpire told him that the thickness of his rubbers was bigger than accepted, so he couldn't use that racket against Crisan. In this case, the player can use his second racket, but it must be tested after the match. That was, what Baum did. He used his second racket in the match against Crisan and then that one was tested. Unfortunately, the thickness of his black rubber was bigger than 4.0mm allowed, so he was disqualified.

After his disqualification, Baum said: "I didn't know how it happened. I had never had problems with my racket before, so I didn't make it be tested. It was my fault, I should have my second racket tested. These are the rules that must be respected."

Results of the round of 16: Timo Boll 4:2 Daniel Gorak, Andrej Gacina 4-1 Bojan Tokic, Joao Monteiro 4:2 Jens Lunqvist, Vladimir Samsonv 4:0 Ruwen Filus, Bastian Steger 4:3 Panagiotis Gionis, Tan Ruiwu 4:2 Patrick Franziska and Dimitrij Ovtcharov 4:1 Tiago Apolonia.

Timo Boll vs Daniel Gorak

Video kindly shared by TableTennisEvents

Dimitrij Ovtcharov vs Tiago Apolonia
Video kindly shared by Janus770

In quarterfinals Timo Boll stood victorious over Andrej Gacina by 4:1, while Adrian Crisan overcame Joao Monteiro in four games. Surprises came in the lower part of the draw. Bastian Steger posted a 4:0 victory over Vladimir Samsonov, while Tan Ruiwu defeated Dimitrij Ovtcharov by 4:3. Ovtcharov managed to be 3:1 up in the score but Tan fought back and sealed his victory.

Semifinal matches:
Timo Boll vs Adrian Crisan (12:00 PM CET)
Bastian Steger vs Tan Ruiwu (12:50 PM CET)

Timo Boll vs andrej Gacina

Video kindly shared by TableTennisEvents

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