Timo Boll Is Confident In The China Vs World Challenge (Photos)

Timo Boll Is Confident In The China vs World Challenge (PHOTOS)
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The six-time European champion Timo Boll of Germany was welcomed in the Chinese city of Shanghai for the anticipated BMW Shanghai Master's Golf Tournament. In an interview with Tencent Sports, Timo Boll talked about his other sport and how it differs from table tennis. In addition, Timo Boll also admitted that in the upcoming China Versus World Challenge, he, as a leader of the World Team, has the confidence to beat the Chinese after all Ma Lin, Wang Liqin and Xu Xin are not that invincible. 


Tencent Sports. October 23, the German superstar Timo Boll was seed in China not for a table tennis event but to participating in the BMW Shanghai Master's Golf Tournament. 

"I play well in table tennis and I feel that I can perform better in golf. However, I am still very satisfied. This is a very rare opportunity to play with some of the world's best players in golf. This is very meaningful for me and I had a lot of fun. However, today, I feel rather general because my right hand wasn't that good." Timo Boll started in his interview in the Meilan Lake Stadium. 

During the competition, Timo Boll was found spending time with the world's fifth golf player, Justin Peter Rose. When asked if he is friends with the golfing star, Timo Boll denied such assumption.  

"No, I just seen him play on TV. I am very happy to communicate with them and share each other experiences. This afternoon, we talked a lot. He did not just taught me a lot of golfing skills but also corrected my posture. He was also complaining with me how he isn't used to eating Chinese food. However, later he found out that the hotel offered very good sushi so we gone hungry after." Timo Boll responded.  

Timo Boll is one reputable athlete in table tennis. He has been recognised all over the world and even by the Chinese. In addition, at one point, Timo Boll was hailed as the world's best player. So could it be also hard for him in golf to become a top player? 

"In both sports, being a top player could really be difficult. Talent is very important. Training is also equally vital. It is necessary that a player should start his strenuous training since childhood. Coaches and teammates really play a certain role. So it's hard to choose which is more difficult." Timo Boll admitted.  

Last Sunday, October 21, Timo Boll has just earned his sixth European Title. Although it was victory for him at the end, Timo Boll did not consider the competition as an easy one and admitted that he actually played badly. "This time, I played really bad. From the very start of the competition, I just need to fight for every match. However, I eventually get back to my best condition and I am very happy to defend the title." Timo Boll added. 

The China versus World Challenge is all set to take place next month in Shanghai. As for the lineup, Timo Boll is tasked to lead the Word Team to its first victory in the history of the competition with Dimitrij Ovtcharov and Michael Maze. 

"I do have the confidence. I think this time, we have a very good chance because our team is very strong. Ovtcharov has been progressing and Maze's condition is really at its best. Although he did not play well in the European Cup, I still believe that in the next month, he can certainly resume to top level. I also think that our opponents can be overcame and fight against Ma Lin and Wang Liqin. I hope we can get enough points. Xu Xin, well, he's not that invincible." Timo Boll concluded.  

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Timo Boll in the BMW Shanghai Master's Tournament

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