Zhang Jike Vs Ma Long Will Usher The 2012 Chinese Super League

Zhang Jike vs Ma Long Will Usher The 2012 Chinese Super League
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The new season of the Chinese Super League is just around the corner. Yesterday, the organising committee released the full list of participating teams along with the complete lineup of their players and coaches. This year, a battle between Zhang Jike's Shandong against Ma Long's Ningbo will be one of the opening matches for this season. 


Sohu Sports. After further delays due to a very tight schedule the 2012 season will finally open it's curtain for all table tennis fans as the opening round will take place on October 17. 

An exciting battle will welcome the competition as Shandong is set to face Ningbo on the opening day. This only means that a confrontation of two of the strongest players Zhang Jike and Ma Long is most likely to take place. 

First round (Men) - October 17

Tianjin - Sichuan

Bazhou - Jiangsu

Bayi - Shanghai

Shandong - Ningbo

First round (Women) - October 17

Shandong - Inner Mongolia

Dalian - Guangdong

Bayi - Beijing

Datong - Shanxi

Men's Team Complete Lineup:

Bazhou Hairun Club

Head coach: Liu Zhiqiang

Players: Cui Qinglei, Deng Teng, Zhai Chao, Cheng Jingqi

Tianjin Hao'an Club

Head coach: Ma Wenge & Wang Rui

Players: Hao Shuai, Lei Zhenhua, Hu Bin, Jorgen Persson (Foreign aide)

Bayi RSHI Club

Head coach: Wang Tao & Fan Zhangmao

Players: Wang Hao, Zhou Yu, Li Muqiao, Yin Hang

Shandong Luneng Club

Head coach: Yin Xiao, Gu Qingcheng & Guo Keli

Players: Zhang Jike, Fang Bo, Zhang Chao, Wu Hao, Chen Hao

Ningbo Haitian Club

Head coach: Liu Guodong

Players: Ma Long, Yan An, Zhai Yiming, Joo Sae Hyuk (Foreign aide)

Shanghai Dragon Club

Head coach: Xi Minjie

Players: Xu Xin, Wang Liqin, Shang Kun, Zhang Yang

Jiangsu Super Cable Club

Head coach: Wang Yonggang

Players: Ma Lin, Xu Hui, Chen Qi, Lin Chen

Sichuan Changhong Club

Head coach: Chen Hongyu

Players: Qiu Yike, Xu Ruifeng, Lai Jiaxin, Zhu Linfeng, Zhang Yu (Foreign aide)

Women's Team Complete Lineup: 

Shandong Luneng Club

Head coach: Yu Guopeng

Players: Li Xiaoxia, Chen Meng, Gu Ruochen, Gu Yuting

Dalian Club

Head coach: Song Liang, Zhao Long

Players: Wen Jia, Chang Chenchen, Li Jiayi

Bayi Club

Head coach: Li Yi, Zhang Lei

Players: Guo Yue, Mu Zi, Cao Zhen, Liu Xi, Huang Fanzhen

Datong Club

Head coach: Pu Bangmin, Zhou Shusen, Li Chongming

Players: Li Xiaodan, Wu Yang, Li Qian, Feng Tianwei (Foreign aide)

Shanxi Datuhe Club

Head coach: Zang Yuying, Tie Yana (assistant coach)

Players: Liu Shiwen, Feng Yalan, Fan Ying, Rao Jingwen, Che Xiaoxi, Zheng Shichang

Beijing Club

Head coach: Xu Zhichong, Yan Yongguo

Players: Ding Ning, Guo Yan, Sheng Dandan, Li Tianyi

Guangdong Club

Head coach: Yang Huajie, He Jianping

Players: Yang Yang, Wang Xuan, Yang Caiying, Zhou Fangfang, Xu Jie, Zhou Mo

Inner Mongolia Club

Head coach: Liu Wei, Shuai Fei

Players: Zhu Yuling, Zhao Yan, Zhang Qiang,  Zhu Zhaohui

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