Liu Shiwen: Zhang Jike Is All In The Past

Liu Shiwen: Zhang Jike Is All In The Past
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Two years ago, Liu Shiwen and Zhang Jike were rumoured to be in a relationship but primarily due to career, they split up. Now that both are concentrating in their respective careers in table tennis, Liu Shiwen said that Zhang Jike is already in the past and that she is now focusing on her current goal which is the next Olympic Games. After deciding to transfer from Guangdong to Shanxi, Liu Shiwen has been playing a strong impact on her new team. In an interview, she said that the Chinese Super League is one of her ways to lay a good foundation for the Rio Olympics. 


Qian Shan Evening News. Looking from the current results, Shanxi is in second place while Guangdong at the bottom. It can be said that this record shows how big Liu Shiwen's impact can be to any team she belongs. 

In this season's Chinese Super League, the Guangdong "sister" decided to transfer to Shanxi. It has been reported that the cost for her transfer amounted to 3.5 million yuan. For this sensitive issue about salary, Liu Shiwen decided not to confirm nor deny. 

Two years ago, Liu Shiwen had the spotlight in the Chinese table tennis community after she was rumoured to date Zhang Jike. In her recent interview, Liu Shiwen expressed that this is already a thing in the past. 

"Before, when the media mentioned this in public, I responded as it was something that is normal among young teenagers. However, it has all passed right now." Liu Shiwen revealed. 

In the recently concluded 2012 Olympics, Liu Shiwen was with Ding Ning, Li Xiaoxia and Guo Yue in London. However, she was not there to partake any of the events but only as a substitute. Of course, with the kind of talent Liu Shiwen has, being a substitute is not her ultimate goal. 

"The 2012 London Olympics has already ended. As for me, my goal is to fight for my opportunity to participate in the next OIympic Games. As of now, I just need to maintain my good condition and play well in the Super League." Liu Shiwen concluded. 

Currently, Liu Shiwen stands in the third place in the individual rankings of the Chinese Super League with 8 wins and 2 losses. This record is actually good just being behind Ding Ning and Zhu Yuling. 

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