Shi Zhihao Cancels His Participation In The Selection Process

Shi Zhihao Cancels His Participation In The Selection Process
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The Chinese Table Tennis Team is currently conducting their selection process of their coaches this weekend in Shanghai. Originally, Shi Zhihao was one of the stronger candidates but in order to avoid issues on special treatment, the head coach of the women's team decided not to participate in the selection. On the other hand, Shi Zhihao admits that he has no regrets on his decision especially that he has already fulfilled a lot of things in his seven-year coaching career. 


Tencent Sports. Starting yesterday, November 23, the Chinese Table Tennis and Badminton Centre held the competitive selection process to fill the 22 vacant coaching positions. Originally, head coaches Liu Guoliang and Shi Zhihao were two of the strongest candidates for the Team's Head Coach position. 

The Badminton and Table Tennis centre states that the participants for the selection process of for the Head coach position must not exceed 50 years old. 

"I am already 53 years old this year. The ordinance of the Table Tennis and Badminton Centre requires the removal of special treatments. The principle for the selection of Head Coach is that participants exceeding the age of 50 cannot participate in the selection process. I believe that there are no special cases in the Chinese Table Tennis Team so I did not participate in the selection. I also believe that the younger coaches should be able to assume the responsibility." Shi Zhihao said. 

With this decision, could it mean Shi Zhihao is already retiring? "As of now, I still do not know. I will just obey the arrangements of the leaders." Shi Zhihao responded. 

"We are all the same. I just hope that the Chinese Table Tennis will continue to be brilliant as it extends to the world with more people liking it and all attention to the Chinese Table Tennis." Shi Zhihao added. 

Since 2005, when he became the head coach of the Chinese women's team, Shi Zhihao admits that he has no regrets in those seven years of his career. "There are no regrets. I said in the London Olympics that, of course, I am happy to take the gold medal but I am even more happy to complete the replacement of our old Chinese players in the women's team." Shi Zhihao concluded. 

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