Ding Ning Is Excited To Play In The Semifinals (Photo)

Ding Ning Is Excited To Play In The Semifinals (PHOTO)
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Ding Ning and the rest of the Beijing Team was victorious last night against Guangdong. However, it just did not mean like any other win in the Super League as it served as an early passage into the semifinals of the competition. After the match, Ding Ning expressed that they are indeed very excited to progress into the next stage. In addition, she said that they will all give their efforts and prepare more for a bigger challenge. 


Tencent Sports. The 2012 Chinese Super League resumed with its competition last night with Ding Ning, Guo Yan and Li Tianyi completing a sweep victory against Guangdong. This win was already their early passage into the semifinals of the competition. 

Beijing started off in the thirteenth round with an impressive performance from their veteran Guo Yan. After a sweep, Ding Ning followed nailing a 3-0 win as well. In the Doubles match, Guo Yan returned and partnered with Li Tianyi. Together, they sealed their sweep win with 2-1. 

"Its indeed very exciting. Through our efforts, we are able to be in the top four. The process was quite difficult but certainly because of our efforts, we progressed well. The future will be the same. Regardless how much is the strength of our opponents, we will certainly try our best." Ding Ning said. 

As of now, it is already safe to say that Beijing will be playing in the semifinals of the Super League. After their win last night, Beijing recorded their eighth victory leading them in the fourth place in the rankings. 

"Our first goal is to reach into the top four. We will certainly go all out. Regardless of the rank, we need to be ready for the play-offs." Ding Ning admitted.

Recently, table tennis was rumoured to be excluded from the Olympic Games but Ding Ning was not affected at all. "I think there are no problems for table tennis so I am not particularly concerned. I think there may be such a voice but I feel that table tennis is currently doing good. I have much confidence with it. Everyone's attitude is very positive so we are actually doing our best and promote table tennis." Ding Ning concluded. 

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Beijing in the Chinese Super League


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