Ding Ning Moving On For The Rio Olympics

Ding Ning Moving On For The Rio Olympics
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Ding Ning would probably consider her experience in the 2012 London Olympics her most unforgettable one. Having all the hopes and expectations to win the title, Ding Ning failed in the finals against Li Xiaoxia in a very painful manner. In her recent interview, Ding Ning admitted that her experience made her feel really bad. However, as time passes by, such panful memory is slowly fading away. Currently, Ding Ning admits that she has already moved on and will give her best to win the nest Olympic Games. 


Qianshan Evening News. It has been months now since that memorable Women's Singles finals in the  2012 London Olympics between Ding Ning and Li Xiaoxia. Although, the journey has been painful for Ding Ning, she has bravely put everything in the past and is doing the right thing. 

Just recently, the 2012 Olympic silver medalist Ding Ning traveled to Anshan where she was caught up in an interview. What happened to Ding Ning in London a few months back will always remain a bad memory, especially for her fans. 

Indeed, it was painful, but for Ding Ning, moving on is the much better to do being an athlete that she is. 

"The umpire's decisions really made me feel bad. After a few months time, I feel nothing anymore. It is all in the past. Not long ago in the Super League, I played against Li Xiaoxia. Between teammates, winning or losing is just normal." Ding Ning admitted. 

Although Ding Ning has already put that painful part of her life in the past, her heart is still yearning for that Olympic victory. In an interview, she admitted that her goal is to be in the Olympic Games for the second time and will fight her best to win the title. 

"My future goal is, of course, to participate in the next Olympic Games and fight my best to win the championship." Ding Ning added. 

Of course, in order to achieve such goal, one should also have an action plan.   

"Before, in the Beijing Team, Zhang Yining was my role model and she has taught me a lot of things. An athlete needs to face up his own shortcomings and weaknesses. I feel that in the future, I will continue to correct my deficiencies What is important is how to make progress in my techniques and that I will not fall behind in table tennis. So, I need to continue to improve." Ding Ning said frankly. 

Lastly, Ding Ning admitted that currently, the competition within the Chinese Table Tennis Team is really fierce as players are establishing their position. Currently, Ding Ning is in Hangzhou to participate in this year's ITTF Grand Finals. She was the runner up last year against Liu Shiwen. Can she achieve a better result this weekend? 

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