Ioc Discusses The Removal Of Table Tennis From The Olympics

IOC Discusses The Removal Of Table Tennis From The Olympics
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Recently, rumours spread once again about table tennis in danger of being out from the Olympic Games. This time around, the rumour started from someone inside the International Olympic Committee, Wu Jingguo. However, according to Shi Zhihao, this will not happen due to a lot of factors. In addition, of it will happen it's not because of the Chinese domination. 


Sina Sports. As the IOC (International Olympic Committee) Project Committee will have a meeting this month, rumours spread that table tennis, among others, is in danger to be excluded from the Olympic Games. 

According to the newly elected executive member of the IOC, Wu Jingguo, the committee will meet to discuss removals and additions of some sports. Table Tennis, along with badminton, modern pentathlon and taekwondo are included in the list of sports that will be discussed.  

However, Shi Zhihao believes it will not happen due to a number of points. His first point is that the International Olympic Committee cannot just decide to kick table tennis out of the Olympics just because the Chinese Team is the strongest in the sport. 

"There are multiple measuring factors. For example, the number of members on each association, their operation, television ratings, and the enthusiasm of the audience, among others. In addition, table tennis belongs to the upper level in the past two Olympic Games." Shi Zhihao said. 

"Every time we went to Europe to play a game, the enthusiasm of the audience and their participation are very high and they all want to watch table tennis. Like Spain, France, and England, including some areas in Eastern Europe, developments in youth table tennis are actually good. Its only Sweden who has weakened recently. Generally speaking, I think that table tennis still has a good penetration. Actually, the gold medal and the strength of the Chinese Team do not have much of an impact on their development." Shi Zhihao added. 

"Even if there was really a person within the International Olympic Committee who spread the rumour, I still believe that it is not because of China's monopoly. This does not comply with the general principle of the International Olympic Committee." Shi Zhihao concluded. 

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