Liu Guoliang Having His Post Graduate Course

Liu Guoliang Having His Post Graduate Course
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The head coach of the Chinese Men's Team, Liu Guoliang may have been missing the limelight after the 2012 London Olympics but he is not the person who just lay down during his free time. In an interview, Liu Guoliang revealed that he is taking advantage of the time and used it to have their post graduate courses in the Shanghai Jiaotong University. 


Sina Sports. The 2012 Chinese Super League is currently in full swing, meaning the national players are all busy fighting for their respective teams this season. While having a break from training in the national team, coaches Liu Guoliang and Qin Zhijian too advantage with the opportunity and had their post graduate courses in Shanghai's Jiaotong University. 

"I am going to class in Shanghai Jiaotong University. Recently, there were a lot of interactions in the College where students asked a lot of questions. There was a time, me, Wang Liqin, Xu Xin, Li Ju Ding Song, Qin Zhijian played table tennis and the students were really passionate." Liu Guoliang said.  

At this point, the Chinese Team is actually aiming for more active promotion of table tennis. "The interaction of players and students was also a good integration for me with the society and laid a good foundation for future transformation and improvements." Liu Guoliang added. 

As the Chinese Table Tennis Team aims to raise the level of the sport, they are actually proposing a more active promotion of the sport. What a better way to promote the culture of Chinese table tennis through their interaction with common people in a constant manner. 

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Table Tennis was banned in the USSR from ca 1930 to 1950 because it was believed to be harmful to the eyes

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