Ma Long & Li Xiaoxia Nominated For Best Athlete Award

Ma Long & Li Xiaoxia Nominated For Best Athlete Award
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Ma Long and Li Xiaoxia, among others got nominated for this year's Best Athlete Award. In an interview, both players admitted that their nomination came a bit of a shock as they were not formally informed. However, the reigning world cup champion Ma Long said that he is satisfied with his work for this year. Meanwhile, Li Xiaoxia maintains her composure and aims to do better in the upcoming competitions.  


Qianshan Evening News. Last week, the list of candidates for the 2012 Sports Personality Awards was announced and names of Ma Long, the reigning world cup champion, and Li Xiaoxia, reigning Olympic champion, were present in the list.  

In an interview after the eleventh round of the Chinese Super League, both players, Ma Long and Li Xiaoxia admitted that they do not actually know that they are nominated but surely, both were grateful for the honour. 

Ma Long has once said that he has heard of that Sports Personality Award being given every year. As one of the strongest table tennis players we have in this world, Ma Long was quite humble to admit that he is envious of the players who got selected. However, now, he need not be as it's his turn to be envied. 

In an interview, Ma Long expressed his shock about his nomination but at the same time, showed confidence. 

"The biggest thing that happened for me in the year 2012 was my participation in the London Olympics and got the gold in the Men's Team event. However, speaking for my career, it has just started. The selection will generally be evaluated by outsiders. I feel that I've done better. I am fairly satisfied with my performance in 2012." Ma Long said. 

At the same time, Li Xiaoxia also did not know about her nomination. "My task now is to fight in the Super League. My training after the Olympics was not systematic. My recent performance is ok. I hope in the next game, an even better performance." Li Xiaoxia said. 

In addition to Ma Long and Li Xiaoxia, the grand slam champion Zhang Jike is also a candidate for the Best Male Athlete while Liu Guoliang and Shi Zhihao are candidates for the Best Coach Award. 

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