Borussia Dusseldorf And Werder Bremen Stood Victorious At The Bundesliga (Video)

Borussia Dusseldorf and Werder Bremen stood victorious at the Bundesliga (VIDEO)
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Borussia Dusseldorf showed that they will fight for the title after sweeping with Zugbrucke Grenzau. The Borussia team didn't feel Timo Boll's and Janos Jakab's absences because Christian Suss, Patrick Baum and Danny Heister were enough to secure victory. On the other side, Grenzau felt Li Hu's absence. In other important match of the round, Fulda-Maberzell, third place in the league, suffered defeat by hands of Adrian Crisan's Werder Bremen but stays in the third spot.

Borussia Dusseldorf 3-0 Zugbrucke Grenzau

Christian Suss and Tomas Pavelka clashed in the opening match. Pavelka took the lead after winning the first game by 11:9. Then he kept his rhythm and managed to be 5:2 up but Suss didn't give up and leveled at 7:7. Since then the Borussian player took control of the game and won by 11:8. Suss gained confidence and got four game points and got the first game in the first attempt.  In the next game, Suss was 5:2 up, so Pavelka called time-out. Time-out worked for the Grenzau's player and leveled at 6:6. However, Suss came back into the game and sealed his victory by 11:9.

Patrick Baum vs Zoltan Fejer-Konnerth
video kindly shared by GecaPhoenix

In the second encounter, Patrick Baum faced Zoltan Fejer-Konerth. The first game was close but Fejer-Konerth managed to be 10:8. Despite that, Baum kept fighting and saved the two games points. The Borussian player gained confidence and got the game by 12:10. Then Baum took the lead and kept a 2 points advantage.  Fejer-Konerth fought back but Baum took the game by 11:9. The third game was also close but the German player won some points in a row and got the second point for Borussia by 11:5.

Danny Heister met Adrian Dodean in the third match. The first game was close, neither of them stepped back and they put the score at 10:10. Dodean managed to win the game in his third attempt. On the next game, Heister recovered quickly and too control of the game but Dodean managed to win some points and put the score 7:9. Heister called time-out. However, time-out didn't work because Dodean leveled at 9:9. Fortunately for Borussia, Heister reacted at the right time and took the game by 11:9.  The Borussian player started leading but Dodean leveled and dominated the game. Finally, the Grenzau's player captured the third game by 11:8.  Heister got a 9:5 advantage in the fourth game but Dodean leveled at 10:10. Heister didn't feel pressure and got the game by 12:10 forcing to a deciding game.  Dodean put himself 4:1 up in the score but Heister managed to level. After that, Heister won crucial points and secured victory for Borussia by 11:8.

SV Werder Bremen 3-2 TTC RS Fulda-Maberzell

Wang Xi swept with Jens Lundqvist by 11: 5, 2 and 7 in the first encounter and collected the first point for Fulda. In the second match, Adrian Crisan met Robert Svensson. Svensson took the first game by 11:7 but Crisan won the next one by 11:9.  In the third game, Crisan kept his predominance and got it by 11:8. In the fourth game, Svensson didn't offer resistance and Crisan closed the match by 11:4, what meant the first point to Bremen.

In the third encounter, Jan-Ove Waldner met Sharath Kamal Ashanta. Ashanta had a good start after winning the first game by 11:5. Then  the Indian player repeated the method and won the second game by the same score. However, Waldner fought back and took the third game by 11:7.  The fourth game was close but Ashanta managed to win by 12:10 and gave the second point to Bremen.

In the fourth match, Wang Xi came back to the table to face Adrian Crisan. Wang struggled to won the first game by 11:9 but then he didn't have problems to take the second game by 11:4. In the third game, Crisan fought back but it wasn't enough because Wang leveled the score for Fuda by 11:9. The deciding game was a Swedish duel because Jens Lundqvist met Robert Svensson. Lundqvist gave no chance to his compatriot and won the first game by 11:4. Things didn't change in the second game because Lundqvist got it by 11:7 and put his team closer to victory. In the third game, Svensson kept fighting but Lundqvist gave  victory to Bremen by 11:8.

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