Feng Yalan's Victory In Kuwait

Feng Yalan's victory in Kuwait
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The 2012 Kuwait Open Women Singles was concluded by a close match against the South Korean chopper Kim Kyung Ah and the Chinese Feng Yalan. The final battle lasted a full seven-set match with several set points. At the end of the hurdle, Feng Yalan stood victorious and with two years of hard work, she stood in the highest place of the Women Singles World Tour podium. Lastly, her coach acknowledged the hard work of the disciple. 

Feng Yalan was impressive in her journey in Kuwait defeating some of the world class players including Jiang Huajun from Hong Kong. Ultimately, Feng Yalan successfully clinched the 2012 Kuwait Open Women Singles championship title. 

Feng Yalan's victory in Kuwait was a hard fought-battle. When Fang Yalan posted a 3-2 advantage, Kim Kyung Ah managed to level things in 3-3 in an epic sixth set with 18-16. This led Feng Yalan to release her power and survived the hurdle victoriously. 

Feng Yalan's training coach Wang Nong said yesterday that after two years of hard work, Feng Yalan possess the strength of a world champion. "She did not play well in last year's world championships. That gave her a lot of stimulation. After that, Fang Yalan trained even harder. Even during the Chinese New Year festivities, Feng Yalan was still training. Her victory in Kuwait was definitely hard earned." Wang Nong said.

Lastly, Wang Nong also revealed that Feng Yalan's current goal is to have an impact on the Chinese Women Team main lineup after the Olympics. 

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