Gao Ning / Yang Zi Won The Men Doubles Finals Of The 20th Asian Championships (Video)

Gao Ning / Yang Zi won the Men Doubles Finals of the 20th Asian Championships (VIDEO)
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Against the South Koreans Jung Young Sik and Kim Min Seok in the 20th Asian Championships Men Doubles finals, Gao Ning and Yang Zi displayed brilliant control over the table. The Singaporean pair even posted a confident 3-0 advantage. However in the fourth set, the Jung-Kim tandem established themselves in the battle and won two straight sets. Despite resistance, Gao Ning and Yang Zi stood victorious and won the championship title. 


Gao Ning / Yang Zi vs Jung Young Sik / Kim Min Seok
video kindly shared by janus770

The 20th Asian Championships Men Doubles reached its conclusion before this day ended. Unlike the usual scenario, we didn't see any Chinese delegate in the final contenders as the places were occupied by pairs from Singapore and South Korea.   

The Men Doubles seemed to be the highlight of the penultimate day of the tournament. Earlier today in the semifinals, the South Korean pair of Jung Young Sik and Kim Min Seok displayed a brilliant performance against the top seeds from China, Ma Long and Wang Hao. 

In the penultimate round, Jung and Kim consecutively caught up with the top seeds in every set and eventually sealed the round to their favor. 

Meanwhile, the Singaporean pair of Gao Ning and Yang Zi had a rather easier semifinal match against the Hong Kong pair of Leung Chu Yan and Cheung Yuk. Singapore sealed their place in the finals in just five sets. 

Tonight in the finals, Gao Ning and Yang Zi continued their success. Noticeably, the Singaporean pair didn't have an easy start in the battle. Jung Young Sik and Kim Min Seok showed great resistance. However, Gao and Yang found their opportunity and sealed the first advantage in 16-14. 

After surviving the close set, Gao Ning and Yang Zi boosted their confidence and had better control in the second set with 11-5. After losing in the previous set, the South Korean pair showed again their resistance but for the second time, Gao and Yang overcame the pressure and sealed the set to their favor with 13-11. 

This point, Jung Young Sik and Kim Min Seok were in a dangerous position as their opponents were one set away to victory. Indeed, they successfully made their presence felt in the scoreboards as they blocked a sweep victory with 11-8. After winning the previous set, the South Korean pair found their confidence and returned to the arena even better. They nailed an impressive 11-4. 

In the sixth set, Gao Ning and Yang Zi didn't allow momentum to continue in their opponent's side. At the same time, Jung Young Sik and Kim Min Seok also resisted in the battle. In effect the result was close with 11-9 in favor with the Singaporean pair. 

At the end of six sets, Gao Ning and Yang Zi prevailed in the match and clinched the championship title of the 20th Asian Championships Men Doubles. At the same time, they also offered the first gold medal to Singapore. On the other hand, despite landing in second place, Jung Young Sik and Kim Min Seok did had a good fight in the competition. Congratulations to both teams!         

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