2012 Latin American Championship

2012 Latin American Championship
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The first stage of the team event at the Latin American Championship is over. Top seeds of the men and women event didn't have problems to progress to the main draw. In the women event, Brazil, host team, swept with its opponents and is already in semifinals. Its men counterpart also emerged successfully in the first phase and is waiting for the draw.

Brazil proved its favoritism and crushed its opponents in the men event. Hugo Hoyama, Tiago Monteiro, Gustavo Tsuboi and Cazuo Matsumoto beat Colombia and Chile by 3:0 in the first phase and progressed to the main draw. Chile was the second qualifier in the group A.

Liu Song's Argentina struggled to reach the next round. Liu Song and Co. overcame Ecuador by 3:0 but they had problems in the second match. Guatemala caused problems to Argentina but Liu Song and Gaston Alto managed to win by 3:2. However, the second place was for Ecuador.

In the group C, Andy Pereira led Cuba to the next round. Andy Pereira and Jorge Campos stood victorious over Mexico and Peru. Marcos Madrid's Mexico also progressed to the main draw. In the group D, top seed Venezuela failed in its attempt of succeeding and fell against Dominican Republic and Paraguay. Finally, Ju Lin's Dominican Republic beat Paraguay in a close match and got the first spot of the group.

Matches of quarterfinals:

Brazil vs Mexico
Ecuador vs Dominican Republic
Cuba vs Chile
Argentina vs Paraguay

Brazil also succeeded in the women event. Ligia Silva, Jessica Yamada and Caroline Kumahara swept with Chile and Peru in the group A and kept the top seed to the main draw. Chile recovered from its first defeat and overcame Peru.

Venezuelan team was luckier than its men counterpart and progressed to the next round. The South American team beat Argentina by 3:0 but it struggled to defeat Mexico in five matches. Mexico also reached the next round eventually.

Dominican Republic without its star Xue Wu suffered to win its three matches. Guatemala was the first hurdle overcome by 3:2. Then Dominicans fought hard to defeat El Salvador and Colombia, the second strongest opponent and runner-up of group C.

Brazil and Venezuela are already in semifinals and wait for opponents from the matches between Mexico and Dominican Republic, and Colombia and Chile, respectively. 

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