Ai Fukuhara Felt Sorry For Their Defeat In The Quarterfinals

Ai Fukuhara felt sorry for their defeat in the quarterfinals
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The quarterfinal round was a painful experience for the Japanese Women Team as they almost tasted victory in 2-0 against South Korea. However, after their battle was extended to full five matches, Japan lost the round. After the match, their players were obviously frustrated and Ai Fukuhara was one of them. In an interview, Ai Fukuhara admitted that she was indeed sorry for her team.    

The Japanese Women Team encountered an epic battle in the 2012 World Team Championships Women Quarterfinals against South Korea yesterday. Unfortunately for the Japanese Team, after a heart-stopping five-match battle, it was the South Koreans who stood victorious. 

At the start of the round, Ai Fukuhara gave a wonderful start for Japan as she overcame the South Korean chopper Kim Kyung Ah. The Japanese Team even had the 2-0 advantage after Kasumi Ishikawa got the second match. However, when Sayaka Hirano failed to complete the task, Ai Fukuhara and Kasumi Ishikawa failed to recover, giving the win to South Korea. 

"Actually, I performed well at the start of the round against Kim Kyung Ah. I have lost 12 times against Kim Kyung Ah in the past. So after winning against her in such a big competition, I am satisfied." However, Ai Fukuhara's mood obviously turned  gloomy and sad when she talked about the fourth match. "I needed to win the fourth match. In order for the Japanese to win, I certainly must need to score two points. I'm really sorry to my teammates." Ai Fukuhara said after the match. 

After the match, Ai Fukuhara also admitted that they do have a higher goal this time in the 2012 World Team Championships. "We have won the bronze medal in five consecutive times already. So this time, our goal is not another bronze medal anymore. Our best hope was to be into the finals. Before the competition, wa have studied really comprehensively. We were off with a good start. But in table tennis, its really hard to tell because it depends entirely on the player." Ai Fukuhara admitted. 

"I had a full preparation for the fourth match but after I got off, I felt a little bit nervous. It was so sad. This experience really gives us a deep lesson. If we really want to achieve good results, we also need to work really hard." Ai Fukuhara added.   

When Ai Fukuhara was about to leave, she left a message first to her fans. "I want to say this to my fans that my loss today will not restrain me. I will certainly continue to work hard for them." Ai Fukuhara concluded. 

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