Chinese Team In Austria For The Dortmund Championships

Chinese Team in Austria  for the Dortmund Championships
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The Chinese Team arrived in Austria at dawn of March 17, Beijing time, for their preparation for the World Team Championships in Dortmund on March 25. Since the team didn't have much time for adjustments from jet lag, they had a rather relaxed first day of training instead. In addition, the team also enjoyed authentic Chinese food from a Chinese restaurant in Austria after their training. While the players are enjoying their food, the coaches are in a different situation as pressure is increasing. 



Along with their preparation for the World Team Championships in Dortmund, the Chinese Team arrived in Austria last Saturday, Beijing time, to have their week long adaptation training in the Werner Schlager Academy. 

Despite not getting enough sleep for eight long hours, and struggling with jet lag and the adjustment to the time difference, the Chinese Team immediately started their first training session in the Werner Schalger Academy last Saturday morning.local time. 

Since the long flight was a very tiring for the players, the coaching staff made their first day of training a bit relaxed. After all, their players are still human and need time to adjust from exhaustion. Its purpose was also to ensure that their players maintain the right condition. 

After their first day of training, the whole team treat themselves in a Chinese restaurant in Austria. Despite in a foreign country, the Chinese players can't help but praise the restaurant for the authentic dishes served, making them feel closer to home. The Olympic champion, Ma Lin, bluntly praised his Braised Beef to be very delicious. 

While the players were having a good time with their food, the head coaches were in a different situation. Although the Chinese Men Team is confident in the upcoming World Team Championships, head coach Liu Guoliang is still having a headache thinking about the Olympic list. 

"Since the Chinese Team has a lot of elite athletes and the places are limited for the Olympics, the coaches really feel bothered." Liu Guoliang admitted. 

While Liu Guoliang is worrying about the Olympic list, the head coach of the Women Team, Shi Zhihao is in a greater amount of pressure. "This season is very different compared to the previous ones since we have to first redeem ourselves in the World Team Championships." Shi Zhihao said. 

Two years ago in Moscow, the Chinese Women Team faced defeat against the Singaporean Team. This year, the team will have the same lineup. When asked if he is a bit worried about this situation, Shi Zhihao answered: "Having some worries is normal. But I think, with two years of tough training, our athletes should stand this test." 

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