Ding Ning Is Focused On The Dortmund Championships

Ding Ning is focused on the Dortmund Championships
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Before the Rotterdam Championships, there were a lot of doubts on Ding Ning. But when she consecutively won the World Championships and the World Cup in the same year, Ding Ning increased her chances for the Olympics once again. Unfortunately, Ding Ning didn't make it to the preliminary list. However, this does not bother Ding Ning right now as all her thoughts are directed towards their redemption in the World Team Championships.  



Although the competition is fast approaching, in all horizons, Ding Ning remains to be very smiling and doesn't have any trace of a look of battle. However, this does not automatically mean that Ding Ning is not prepares for battle. 

Last year before the Rotterdam championships, Ding Ning hasn't been able to prove that she is already over her defeat in Moscow. However as time flies, Ding Ning has already achieved the World Singles Championships and the World Cup, leading her to occupy a firm position within the team. 

However, Ding Ning still failed to make it to the preliminary registration for the Olympics. Despite this, Ding Ning doesn't want to burden herself with this kind of thought before the Dortmund Championships. "Actually for me, I have not much consideration about what will happen in the Olympics. As of now, all thoughts are on the World Championships as how we should complete the task." Ding Ning said calmly.

Last two years in Moscow, Ding Ning lost the first point as she failed against the Singaporean star Feng Tianwei. Eventually, the Chinese Team failed to keep the championship trophy in their camp. This just makes the upcoming edition a lot heavier for the Chinese Women Team.

"I am both nervous and excited. I just hope that the World Championships will quickly pass." Ding Ning exclaimed. 

"I will certainly be active in the competition. However, since it will be a team competition and the five of us in the team are all strong, I may not be sent into the arena. No matter what will be our lineup, we will do our best to get back the championship trophy." Ding Ning concluded. 

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