Fenerbahce And Vladivostok Stood Victorious In The Ettu-Cup Semifinal

Fenerbahce and Vladivostok stood victorious in the ETTU-Cup semifinal
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Elizabeta Samara's Fenerbahce emerged successfully over Yanfei Shen's Cartagena in the first leg of the ETTU-Cup semifinal. Although Elizabeta Samara was injured, she helped her team to get an important advantage at home. In the other semifinals, Viktoria Pavlovich's Vladivostok overcame Zamek Tarnobrzeg.

Fenerbahce 3-1 UCAM Cartagena

In the opening match, Hu Melek faced defeat against Fang Zhu in five straight games and got the first point for Cartagena. However, Zhou Fangafan overcame Yanfei Shen and leveled the score for Fenerbahce. Then Elizabeta Samara collected the second victory for Fenerbahce after sweeping with her compatriot Iulia Necula by 3:0. In the fourth encounter, Hu Melek recovered from her defeat against Fang Zhou and beat Yanfei Shen giving victory to Fenerbahce.

Dalenergosetproekt Vladivostok 3-2 KTS Zamek Tarnobrzeg

Viktoria Pavlovich collected the first point for Vladivostok after defeating Renata Strbikova by 3:1 in the opening match. Then Li Qian overcame Margaryta Pesotska in three straight games and leveled the score for Tarnobrzeg. In the third encounter, Anna Ikhomirova stood victorious over Jie Xu by 3:0 and put Vladivostok 2:1 up.

However, Li Qian came back to the table, posted a victory over Viktoria Pavlovich by 3:0 and leveled at 2:2. In the deciding match, Margaryta Pesotska struggled to beat Renata Strbikova and sealed victory for Vladivostok.

The second leg matches will be held on Friday and Saturday.

Photo and info. source: (Foto: Roscher)

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