Jessica Yamada And Ju Lin Latin American Champions

Jessica Yamada and Ju Lin Latin American Champions
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Dominican Republic's Ju Lin ruined Brazilian celebration in the last day of competition at the Latin American Championship. Jessica Yamada failed in her attempt to qualify to the Olympics but she turned the page and crowned Latin American champion. Then Ju Lin put an end to local success as he stood victorious over Tiago Monteiro in the final match.

Jessica Yamada surprised everyone as she clinched the gold medal of the singles event at the Latin American Championship.  In her way to victory, Yamada beat Dominican Eva Brito in the round of 16. Then she emerged successfully over Chile's Paulina Vega by 3:1. In semifinals, the Brazilian defeated Mexico's Yadira Silva, second top seed, by 3:2. In the final, Yamada faced her team mate Ligia Silva. Silva won the first game by 11:8 but Yamada took the lead after winning the next two games by 11:5 and 11:8. Then Silva fought back and leveled by 14:12. The young player got the sixth game by 11:7 but Silva leveled by 11:9 again. In the deciding game, Yamada stood victorious over 11:6 and captured the Latin American title for first time.

After the final, the Brazilian player expressed that she was nervous because it was the first time that she was in a Latin American final. Both players had met to each other in other ccasions. Ligia Silva won twice and Yamada, just once at the Latin American Cup last year, so this was the chance for Yamada to level the score. Despite her victory, Yamada confessed to have mixed feeling because she couldn't qualify to the Olympics. However, the Brazilian player had her last chance to qualify to London at the World Olympic Qualification or if Brazil got a ticket in the team event.

In the men event, Dominican Ju Lin crowned Latin American champion for third time in a row. In his route to success, Ju Lin defeated local Eric Mancini by 3:1. Then he beat Guatemala's Jose Miguel Ramirez in three straight games. In semifinals, the Dominican player posted victory over Cazuo Matsumoto. In the final match, Ju Lin overcame Brazil's Tiago Monteiro by 4:0 (11:9, 11:8, 13:11 and 11:9). Despite the score, the match was very close and could have gone either way, said Ju Lin.

This time the men event suffered some important absences. Gustavo Tsuboi withdrew from the event due to, probably, a tendinitis. His team mate Hugo Hoyama, who also qualified to the Olympics, also missed the competition. Cuba's Andy Pereira, who booked the last ticket to London, was absent from the event too as well as Mexico's Marcos Madrid.

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