Ma Long: I Will Take It Easy In Dortmund

Ma Long: I will take it easy in Dortmund
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Ma Long and Wang Hao are just two of the male delegates of the Chinese Team for the Dortmund World Team Championships. In a press conference before they left for Austria, Ma Long said that he will not anymore be pressured and burdened by too much desire to win this time. In addition, Wang Hao said that he is excited for the competition and said that it is expected that each of them will certainly give their best to win. 



The whole Chinese Team left Beijing last Friday for Austria where they will have a one week training in the prestigious Werner Schlager Academy. The week long adjustment is in preparation for the World Team Championships which will kick off on March 25 in Dortmund. 

The Chinese Men Team is comprised by Wang Hao, Ma Lin, Zhang Jike, Ma Long and Xu Xin. Currently, these players are being considered to be the best in the world and it would come natural that the Olympic players should come from these lineup just as what Liu Guoliang has said before. 

In a press conference before the team went to the airport, Ma Long was the first player to face the reporters. Ma Long came with a new haircut and looks very spirited. "I will not carry too much burden on my back. The more pressure I have, the more I want to win. In the previous season, there was a huge amount of burden and pressure on my back. That is why I wasn't to take this upcoming competition much easier." Ma Long said.

Just like Ma Long, Wang Hao also had a much fresher look. "I am quite excited. After all, this is the World Championships and at the same time the last most important competition before the Olympics. The Dortmund Championships is very critical for each of us and I can only expect that everyone will go all out." Wang Hao said. 

Photo source: dd.nen.com.cn


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