Singapore Survived The Women Quarterfinals

Singapore survived the Women Quarterfinals
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2012 World Team Championships. The German Team presented themselves as strong opponents against the defending champions form Singapore in the quarterfinal round of the competition. At the start of the round, Germany quickly gained a 2-0 advantage from Irene Ivancan and Wu Jiaduo. However, after Li Jiawei had a heart-stopping rescue, Feng Tianwei and Wang Yugu successfully carried out success and will advance into the semifinals against South Korea. 

Germany 2 - 3 Singapore

The German team had Irene Ivancan as their first player into the arena. Against Feng Tianwei, Ivancan was able to level with the Singaporean star in 5-5. After a wonderful combination attack, Irene Ivancan leveled once again in 6-6. After the tie, the German player had her opportunities and posted a lead in 9-6. This time, Ivancan reached set point ahead in 10-7. Feng Tianwei saved one point before Ivancan posted a good start in the match with 11-8.  

Feng Tianwei had her control in the second set but before she reached set point, Irene Ivancan leveled in 9-9. This led Singapore to callfor a timeout. After the game resumed, Irene Ivancan was all fired up as she reached set point in 10-9 then sealing it with 11-9. 

In the third set, Feng Tianwei got her control and established a solid lead of 8-4. Meanwhile, Irene Ivancan made her presence felt as she recovered in 8-8 with powerful attacks. After the tie, the German player overtook to match point in 10-8. Feng Tianwei wasn't able to catch up as Ivancan rejoiced with her 3-0 victory with 11-8.

Singapore had Wang Yuegu into the arena for the second match against Wu Jiaduo. In the start of their duel, it was Wu Jiaduo who had the control as she led in 6-4. Upon noticing it, Wang Yuegu quickly leveled in 6-6. With the support from the crowd, Wu Jiaduo gained the confidence and scored five straight points, earning the first set with 11-6. 

After winning the first set, Wu Jiaduo was boosting with confidence as she continued her dominance with 6-2. However, Wang Yuegu managed to work her way up ans narrowed the deficit to 4-6. Upon noticing it, Wu Jiaduo established her lead back to four points in 8-4. When Wang Yuegu came closer to 7-8, Germany called for a timeout. After the game resumed, Wu Jiaduo reached set point for the second time in 10-7. Wang Yuegu tried to come closer to 9-10. However, Wu Jiaduo was just on the right track as she posted her second point in 11-9.

At this point, Wang Yuegu was under tremendous amount of pressure as the German player was one set away to victory and was leading in 3-1. This eventually led Singapore to call for a timeout. After the game resumed, Wang Yuegu scored two more points, leveling to 3-3. However, Wu Jiaduo did not feel threaten and posted a lead in 8-5. Eventually, Wu Jiaduo successfully carried out success and swept her way through the match with 11-7.    

After two crushing defeat for Singapore in the round, their third player Li Jiawei had the task of withstanding the pressure from the crowd and rescue the team from a sweep defeat. Indeed in the first set against Kristin Silbereisen, Li Jiawei was in good control with 9-5. As the set is coming to an end, Li Jiawei sealed it with 11-6. In the second set, Li Jiawei maintained his composure and scored 2-0 with 11-8.

Just as Li Jiawei thought of earning the match easily, Kristin Silbereisen made her presence felt in a 6-3 lead. However, Li Jiawei remained composed and worked her way to narrow her deficit to 7-8. Despite resistance, Kristin Silbereisen successfully broke into her opponent and scored a close 11-9. 

In the fourth set, Li Jiawei took back the control and was in an 8-5 advantage. After a timeout called by Germany, Kristin Silbereisen came closer and sealed the gap in 8-8. This time, Singapore felt the need to call for a timeout. After the game resumed, Li Jiawei gave a point to Kristin Silbereisen. However, Li Jiawei quickly leveled in 9-9. After the tie, Kristin Silbereisen successfully recovered in 2-2 with another 11-9.

Eventually the match led to a deciding set where there are no more timeouts. Li Jiawei nailed the first three points. However, Kristin Silbereisen remained into the match and to make things more intense, she leveled in 10-10, 11-11, then in 12-12. At a critical point in the match, it was the more experienced player who stood victorious. Li Jiawei ended the epic match with 14-12.

After a wonderful performance in the second match, Wu Jiaduo returned into the arena for the fourth match against Feng Tianwei. At the start, Wu Jiaduo continued a good control and scored 11-9. However, in the second set, Feng Tianwei withstood the pressure and established her lead in 10-7. Despite Wu Jiaduo's signs of catching up, Feng Tianwei leveled in 1-1 with 11-9. 

In the third set, Feng Tianwei got back to her senses and was in complete control in 6-2. At this point, Feng Tianwei did not lose her momentum and scored 11-4. After losing the last two sets, Wu Jiaduo seemed to lose her confidence as Feng Tianwei looked positive in 5-4. This led Germany to call for a timeout. After the game resumed, Wu Jiaduo leveled in 5-5. The German player stayed confident into the match and first reached set point advantage in 10-9. However, Feng Tianwei stayed composed and used her opportunities to 12-10.

Eventually, the battle led into a deciding set between Wang Yuegu and Irene Ivancan. After a full five-set match, Wang Yuegu survived the pressure and scored 9-11, 11-5, 11-13, 11-8, and 11-4. 

Eventually, Singapore withstood the pressure from the German crowd and will advance into the semifinals against South Korea.  

Photo source: Official Facebook page of ITTF

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