China Dominates Ittf's World Ranking In April

China dominates ITTF's world ranking in April
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The International Table Tennis Federation released April's world ranking list. China, winner of the recent World Team Championship, took control of world ranking occupying the first five places of the men and women list. However, Chinese players weren't the only ones, who got good results from Dortmund, but also Germany's Irene Ivancan, Dominican Republic's Lin Ju, Gao Ning, Austria's Daniel Habesohn, North Korea's players, among others.


Just four days after the end of the successful World Team Championship held in Dortmund, the International Table Tennis Federation published April's world ranking list. In the men event, Ma Long, Zhang Jike, Wang Hao and Xu Xin remain in the first four places, respectively. Ma Lin, who didn't have a good 2011, seemed to be recovered and jumped from the seventh to the fifth place. On the other hand, Timo Boll stays at the sixth spot. 

Jun Mizutani moved from the eighth to the seventh place, while Joo Se Hyuk fell from the fifth to the eighth spot. Dimitrij Ovtcharov stays at the tenth place. Due to his good performance in Dortmund, Gao Ning went up from the 21th to the 16th spot. Austria's Chen Weixing also showed an improvement and gave a jump from the 35th to 28 place, while Robert Gardos went up from the 49th to 29th place. However, Daniel Habesohn gave the biggest jump because he moved from the 70th to the 106th spot. 

Serbia's Aleksandar Karakasevic also was benefited by the World Team Championship and he went from the 56th to the 80th place. Dominican Republic's Lin Ju is the best ranked Latin American player and moved from 105th to 73th place. Thanks for his victory over Seiya Kishikawa, Poland's Daniel Gorak went up from the 120th to 89th place. 

However, some players fell in the world ranking as Par Gerell, who fell from 57th to 71th place and Jorgen Persson, who went down from 57th to 78th spot. 

In the women event, Ding Ning and Li Xiaoxia stay in the first and fourth place, respectively. However, Guo Yan and Liu Shiwen exchanged places, Guo went to the second place, while Liu fell to the third one. Guo Yue climbed from the seventh to the fifth place due to her participation in Dortmund. Kasumi Ishikawa remains in the sixth place, while Ai Fukuhara is in the 10th spot.  Hong Kong's Tie Yana, who beat Li Xiaoxia in semifinals, moved from the 10th to the 8th place. 

Despite her great performance in the World Team Championship, South Korea's Kim Kyung Ah just went up from the 16th to the 15th spot. However, Romania's Daniela Dodean jumped from the 47th to 37th place. Germany's Irene Ivancan, who stood victorious over Feng Tianwei, climbed from 49th to 39th place. Liu Jia from Austria also showed improvements and went from 65th to 48th spot. 

Ukraine's Margaryta Pesotska gave a big jump as well, from 73th to 52th place. However, the surprise was Ri Myong Sun from North Korea, who appeared in the 44th spot after being in the 245th spot in 2011. 

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