China Is Fully Prepared For Singapore!

China is fully prepared for Singapore!
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The Chinese Women Team defeated Hong Kong in the semifinal round of the 2012 World Team Championships yesterday. This just means that a China-Singapore Finale will take place in the competition. After their match yesterday, Chinese Team head coach Shi Zhihao, along with Ding Ning, Guo Yan, and Li Xiaoxia gave their thoughts about the upcoming finals against their main rivals. 

In the penultimate stage of the 2012 World Team Championships Women Division, China lost their first match in the competition. However, despite what happened, the Chinese Team was still able to achieve outstanding results to the finals. 

Yesterday in the semifinal round against Hong Kong, Li Xiaoxia failed in the second match against the Hong Kong player Tie Yana, thus giving the Chinese Team a bump in their journey in the competition. However, Li Xiaoxia came back into the fourth game very aggressive. Along with the impressive success from Ding Ning and Guo Yan, Li Xiaoxia's redemption completed the victory for China. 

"After losing one match, the atmosphere became very tensed for the Chinese Team. Since the levels of Li Xiaoxia and Tie Yana were relatively close, the result was reasonable. The main reason for the defeat of Li Xiaoxia was her lack of response. She wasn't able to handle the critical points in the match very well." Women Team head coach Shi Zhihao said after the match.

Now that the Chinese Team has surpassed the last hurdle before the finals victoriously, this just means that the 2012 World Team Championships Women Division will be ended by the much anticipated China-Singapore Finale. 

"We have sufficient preparation. Singapore has experienced two very intense battles and that is favorable for them as it would inspire them to work hard. Since they are the defending champions, we have really prepared fully. We will establish ourselves and shock the champions." Shi Zhihao said.

"We have done the most sufficient preparation. We will certainly go all out in the finals." Ding Ning added. 

Despite her arms on ice, the veteran Guo Yan also gave her thoughts on the finals against Singapore. "Singapore had survived two rounds indicating their overall strength. We failed two years ago and now, I would like to fight back." 

Meanwhile, after losing against Tie Yana, Li Xiaoxia explained her side. "I was little tensed. My opponent played beyond my imagination. I hope that today's victory will lay a good foundation for tomorrow's game." Li Xiaoxia said.

Overall, the Chinese Team is fully prepared for their second encounter against Singapore in the same platform. With their words, China might just transform into a hurricane ready to sweep anyone that will go against their goal which is the championship title. 

Photo source: ifeng.com  

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