Kenji Matsudaira & Jun Mizutani Are The Men Doubles Champion In Spain

Kenji Matsudaira & Jun Mizutani are the Men Doubles Champion in Spain
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2012 Spanish Open Men Doubles ended its competition with the Japanese Kenji Matsudaira and Jun Mizutani as the winners. Against the top seeds from Singapore Yang Zi and Zhan Jian, the Japanese duo was in total control at the start of the match nailing two comfortable scors. As the match progressed, Yang Zi and Zhan Jian made their presence felt. Despite resistance, Kenji Matsudaira and Jun Mizutani clinched the title in six sets. 

In the previous round, Yang Zi and Zhan Jian got an easy entry into the finals with a walk over from their Russian opponents. Meanwhile, the Japanese duo has exercised great performance throughout the competition. Today, Matsudaira and Mizutani overcame the top seeds for Singapore.    

The third seeds from Japan immediately had the control in the match against the Singaporean top seed Yang Zi and Zhan Jian. Kenji Matsudaira and Jun Mizutani was in total control in 11-4. Such powerful performance was carried by the Japanese duo in the second set and established a match point advantage in 10-4. Yang and Zhan saved one more point before Japan sealed their 2-0 lead with another comfortable score of 11-5. 

In the third set, Yang Zi and Zhan Jian fought well to break the momentum of the Japanese players. Indeed. after the tie in 7-7, Singapore got their first set point in the match with 10-7. In the first time of asking, Singaporeans made their presence felt with 11-7. After winning the previous set, Yang and Zhan were not able to carry out their momentum as Mizutani and Matsudaira posted a close 11-9 in the fourth set. 

At this point, the Japanese duo was one set away to final victory and the Singaporeans were expected to prolong the match. Indeed, Yang Zi and Zhan Jian got the fifth set with 11-7. Kenji Matsudaira and Jun Mizutani returned into the arena with the determination to end the game in the sixth set. However, such task was hard as Yang Zi and Zhan Jian had the control. Despite difficulties, the Japanese duo managed to reach match point in 10-9. This led the Singaporean camp to call for a timeout. 

After the game resumed, Yang Zi and Zhan Jian leveled in 10-10. After the tie, Singapore got their set point but was leveled by Kenji Matsudaira. With their third chance, Kenji Matsudaira and Jun Mizutani selaed the match with 14-12, clinching the Men Doubles championship title.   

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