Ma Lin Will Not Play In The London Olympics

Ma Lin will not play in the London Olympics
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Last weekend, the Chinese Men Team reported Ma Long as their candidate for the third person which only means the other contender, Ma Lin is already out from the London Olympics. After such news, Ma Lin released a meaningful message for everyone saying that it is all for the continuous glory of the Chinese Men Team in table tennis. Ma Lin's words eventually struck Liu Guoliang who admitted being depressed from the result.   

At 32 years old, Ma Lin's career is already a legend! For twelve years since the not so good experience in the Sydney Olympics, Ma Lin has been working really hard and walked wonderfully step by step. Despite not getting a Grand Slam in his career, Ma Lin is still sufficiently successful than Wang Liqin and Wang Hao who has the Olympic Grand Slam from Singles, Doubles, and the Team events. 

Ma Lin is a real fighter with the mental strength and alertness which are a class of its own. With some negative issues along his way, Ma Lin continued to fight and give glory to the Chinese Team.  

However, no one thought of this great journey will come to an end so soon. Last week, Ma Lin's last hope to be in London was lost when the Chinese Team released their candidates for the third person with Ma Long's name on it. With this regard, a lot of fans can not help but reminisce a lot of fond memories about Ma Lin. 

During the recently concluded World Team Championships in Dortmund, Ma Lin could have been aware about this outcome after he was missing in the lineup for the semifinals and the finals. However, Ma Lin still appeared before the audience and the media to give his support to his team through providing guidance to the players in the field. This led people to think if Ma Lin has started a transition to being one of the coaches. However, this assumption hasn't been confirmed yet.

"The interest for the motherland is above everything else. As long as our team will win, it is already our victory. I will always give my everything for the team. Keep it up brothers!" Ma Lin said.

Such line left a deep mark on the head coach Liu Guoliang. "In the celebration after the World Team Championships finals, Ma Lin came to me and had a toast. Before I drank it up, Ma Lin's tears already fell. That very moment, Ma Lin already knew about the results last weekend. Should the ITTF be blamed on why they limited the number of entrants of the Chinese team? Are we just too strong? I am really depressed... being too strong can also be bad?" Liu Guoliang said after confirming that Ma Lin will not be participating in the London Olympics. 

Ma Lin will certainly be a respectable veteran for all of us table tennis fans. Time and again, Ma Lin has overcame immense fatigue and injury, confronted all the doubts and troughs, and challenged the limits of his career. At 32 years old, this may be the end for Ma Lin's glorious sporting career but this could also be a beginning of a new unknown life. Keep it up Ma Lin!  

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