Wang Liqin Lost In The Asian Cup Quarterfinals (Video)

Wang Liqin lost in the Asian Cup Quarterfinals (VIDEO)
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Against Noshad Alamiyan, Wang Liqin lost his place in the semifinals of the 2012 Asian Table Tennis Cup in Guangzhou. At the start of the quarterfinal round, Noshad Alamiyan immediately placed Wang Liqin in danger. However, Wang Liqin earned seven consecutive points and got the first set. As the match progressed, Noshad Alamiyan increased his confidence in the match and was now in control over the table. At the end of five sets, Noshad Alamiyan overcame Wang Liqin into the semifinals.  


Wang Liqin vs Noshad Alamiyan
video kindly shared by janus770

Despite some bumps in the Group Stage, Wang Liqin managed to finish the hurdle undefeated and got the top spot leading him straight to the quarterfinals. Meanwhile, Noshad Alamiyan made his presence felt in the Group C after defeating the South Korean Seo Hyun Deok. However, he was still in third spot and had to compete in the Challenge Round where he won over Wong Chun Ting of Hong Kong.   

In the quarterfinals, Wang Liqin had a slow start while Noshad Alamiyan was in good control over the table. The Iranian player opened the match with a 4-1 lead. His advantage even reached to a confident 9-4. However, Wang Liqin showed what he is made of and scored seven big consecutive points overtaking to 11-9.

After being in danger in the previous set, Wang Liqin ensured a good start in the second set and posted a 6-0 lead. As the set progressed, Alamiyan narrowed his deficit to 8-9, then 9-10. Eventually, Wang Liqin lost his advantage as his opponent sealed the gap in 10-10, then in 11-11. After the tie, Alamiyan found his opportunity in 12-11. Both players were tied in several set points before Alamiyan leveled in 1-1 with 15-13. 

Alamiyan continued to have a wonderful performance in the match as he made it harder for Wang Liqin to establish a solid lead. After a tie in 8-8, Alamiyan earned set point in 10-8. Wang Liqin wasn't able to catch up as Alamiyan led in 2-1 with 11-8. In the fourth set, Alamiyan returned into the arena with a 6-0 lead putting Wang Liqin in great pressure. After Wang scored three straight points, Iran called for a timeout. After the game resumed, Wang Liqin narrowed in 4-6. However, Alamiyan was just having his momentum and reached 10-6 set point then sealed a 3-1 advantage with 11-6. 

Wang Liqin was in danger in the fifth set as his opponent was one set away to the semifinals. Indeed, Wang Liqin was doing good with a 6-3 lead. However, Alamiyan found his opportunity and leveled in 6-6. After the tie, Wang Liqin had his lead back in 8-6 but was leveled once again by Alamiyan in 8-8. After the tie, Alamiyan was in 9-8, forcing China to call for their timeout. After the game resumed, Alamiyan's ball went away to the table levelling in 9-9. Alamiyan even caught up in 10-10. After the tie, Alamiyan was in match point with 11-10 then sealed his victory with 12-10.    

Eventually, it was Noshad Alamiyan who will compete in the semifinals of the Men Singles of the 2012 Asian Table Tennis Cup. 

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