Zhang Jike, Wang Hao & Ma Long Will Be In The London Olympics

Zhang Jike, Wang Hao & Ma Long will be in the London Olympics
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Now that Ma Long has achieved his qualification for the Olympics in Hong Kong, the lineup for the Chinese Team is now completed. According to a recent interview of Liu Guoliang, the head coach confirmed Zhang Jike, Wang Hao and Ma Long to be their players in London. Along with this, Liu Guoliang confirmed that they will work hard for the gold in both Team and Singles events.  

After Ma Long got his qualification in the recently concluded Asian Olympic Qualifier in Hong Kong, the lineup of the Chinese Men Team is basically completed and according to the team's head coach, it would be impossible to change such lineup. 

2012 London Olympics

Reporter: Ma Long lost in the recently concluded Asian Olympic Qualifier. Has this affected his condition?

Liu Guoliang: Losing doesn't really matter. What is important is the adjustments. Losing before a big competition is not necessarily a bad thing as it helps in the process of improvements. 

Reporter: When will the official Chinese Men Team Olympic list be released?

Liu Guoliang: Probably before or after May 13. 

Reporter: What are your basis in examining the eligibility of your players?

Liu Guoliang: Psychological condition, mental state, and the ability to withstand pressure. We are just talking about their overall quality. 

Reporter: Can you disclose the Olympic list in advance? I heard there would be no major changes anymore. 

Liu Guoliang: Zhang Jike, Wang Hao and Ma Long will participate in the Olympics. The current list can't basically change. There would still be World Tour events before the Olympics. These competitions would serve as the latest test matches for our players in preparation for the Olympics. 

Olympic Goals

Liu Guoliang: It is only to win the gold. Whether in the Team or in Singles, we will work hard.

In addition to the Olympics, Liu Guoliang also talked about his future in table tennis. The head coach said that he has already grew in table tennis so the sport is already a part of his life. As long as the country needs him, Liu Guoliang said that staying for another thirty years will be no problem!

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