2012 Final World Olympic Qualifier: Group Stage Results

2012 Final World Olympic Qualifier: Group Stage Results
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The Group Stage of the Final World Olympic Qualifier reached its end today as two successful players from each group progressed into the main draw of the competition. As expected, top seeds in the men and women division reigned supreme at the end of the Group Stage and will advance into the second stage of the tournament. 



Yesterday, Swede Matilda Ekholm, Russian Anna Tikhomirova Russia, Serbia's Gabriela Feher, and Lee Ho Ching of Hong Kong already sealed their seats in the main draw as they finished at the top of their respective groups. 

Meanwhile, Lin Chia Hui of Chinese Taipei, Ukraine's Tetyana Bilenko and Ganna Gaponova, and Joanna Parker of England are the second placers after their won in their third match today. 

Spanish Galia Dvorak was in good condition yesterday, winning her two matches including her victory against the top seed Petra Lovas. Today against Elena Dubkova, the Spanish player maintained undefeated and finished as the leader in their group. Meanwhile, the top seed from Hungary, Petra Lovas earned the second spot after posting her second victory.  

Yesterday, top seed in Group 4, Renata Strbikova lost one match against Ukraine's Lei Huang Mendes. Today she won against Sejal Thakkar of Kenya, making it her second win in the Group Stage. This earned her the second spot into the main draw. Lei Huang Mendes remained in control in her matches and posted her third victory and this time against Martina Pohar of Slovenia. 

India's Ghatak Poulomi, Oxana Fadeeva and Yana Noskoya of Russia, Liu Na of Ireland, Polish Katarzyna Grzybowska, Dana Hadacova from Czech Republic, Romanian Bernadette Szocs, Spanish Sara Ramirez, Tamara Boros of Croatia, Ana-Matia Erdelji from Serbia, Italian Nikolete Stefanova, and Barbora Balazova of Slovakia joined in the success int he round and advance into the main draw of the competition.    


Yesterday, Tiago Apolonia of Portugal, Andrej Gacina from Croatia, Turkish Bora Vang, India's Sharath Kamal Achanta, Petr Korbel and Dmitrij Prokopcov of Czech Republic already sealed their seats in the main draw. Despite some losses in their Round 3 matches, these players still surpassed the hurdle successfully. 

While the names mentioned above did not need their third match anymore to progress into the next stage, Italian Niagol Stoyanov, Ahmed Saleh of Egypt, Belorussian Pavel Platonov, Andrew Baggaley of England, Denmarks's Kasper Sternberg and Allan Bentsen all have to give their best in their matches today. Indeed, they have done a good job today as they will also advance into the main draw as the second placers.   

India's Anthony Almaraj and Wu Chih Chi of Chinese Taipei both posted two victories yesterday. Today, they met for the third round of competition where Wu Chih Chi posted a 4-2 victory. Despite loss, Anthony Almaraj will still be in the next stage as he occupies the second spot. 

Top seed in Group 3, Simon Gauzy of France lost one match yesterday and needed to win his third martch today. Indeed, against Igor Ni of Moldova, Gauzy won in a wonderful sweep victory.  

Kontstantinos Papageorgiou and Matiss Burgis tied yesterday in the top spot with two wins respectively. Today, these two players had their face-off where Matiss Burgis won in 4-0. This placed the Greek player into the second spot in their group. 

Liam Pitchford was the only English player who posted two victories yesterday. In his third match against Marcos Madrid today, Pitchford failed to carry out success and tied with top seed Bartsoz Such and Marcos Madrid with two victories a piece. 

Vitaly Nekhvedovich of Belarus ranked first yesterday with three wins. Today, against Constantin Cioti of Romania, the latetr won in a tight 4-3. At the end of the Group Stage, Cioti, Paul Drinkhall of England, and Vitaly Nekhvedovich all tied with three wins respectively.  

Ukraine's Oleksandr Didukh, Mihai Bobocica of Italy, and Lauric Jean of Belgium where tied yesterday with two victories a piece. Today, the Italian broke from the tie and finished as the leader with four wins. Meanwhile, Oleksandr Didukh managed to be in the second spot. 

Tomislav Kolarek of Croatia, Wang Yang of Slovakia, and Yaroslav Zhmudenko of Ukraine were the stars yesterday in Group 14 as all posted two victories. Today, these players tied with three victories a piece.

Ukraine's Kou Lei and Spain's Carlos Machado were ahead against the groupmates as of the first day of competition. In the third round, Lei Kou finished in top with four wins while Carlos Machado finished as the second placer.  

The player in the top spot of Group 16 is Wang Zengyi of Poland while the second placer is Janos Jakab of Hungary.  

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