Berlin Eastside Gave The First Blow At The Women European Champions League (Videos)

Berlin Eastside gave the first blow at the Women European Champions League (VIDEOS)
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Mission accomplished by Berlin-Eastside at home soil. The German club took the lead in the the European Champions League's final after emerging successfully over Austria's Strock in the first leg match. Berlin's players worked as a team and reach victory, while Daniela Dodean had a bad day and suffered defeat in her two matches.

Germany's Berlin Eastside is closer to the European title after winning the first leg match of the Women European Champions League's final. It seemed that everything worked as expected for Tanja Kramer, Berlin's Manager, because she had remarked in an interview that they had few chances of beating China's Fang Ying but they could win the other matches. And that was what happened eventually, Fang Ying stood victorious in her two matches but Irene Ivancan and Georgina Pota overcame Daniela Dodean, who didn't have a good performance. The second leg match will be held at the Werner Schlager Academy on 21st Sunday.

Berlin Eastside 3-2 Strock

Georgina Pota vs Daniela Dodean
video kindly shared by GecaPhoenix

Georgina Pota faced Daniela Dodean in the opening match. From the start Georina Pota took control of the match and won the first game by 11:5. In the second game, there was no reaction from Dodean and the Berlin's player won by 11:5. Things weren't different in the third game and Pota closed the match by 11:7.

Irene Ivancan and Fang Ying clashed in the second match. Fang took the first game by 11:8. Then Ivancan fought back but she couldn't avoid falling by 11:9. Despite the score, the German player kept fighting and put the Chinese under pressure but Fang's game prevailed and leveled the score by 14:12.

Petra Lovas met Li Qiangbing in the third encounter. Li got the first game by an overwhelming 11:2 but Lovas had a spectacular recovery and leveled by 11:8. Since then the match was close but the Hungarian player put herself 2:1 up after winning the third game by 11:9. Li didn't give up and continued fighting but Lovas managed to get the fourth game by 12:10 and secured the second point for Berlin.

Georgina Pota and Fang Ying came back to the table for the fourth match. Fang took the lead after winning the first game by 11:7. There were no changes in the second game and the Chinese player won by 11:6. Pota had no chances in the third game neither and Fang gave the second point to Strock by 11:6.

Irene Ivancan vs Daniela Dodean
video kindly shared by GecaPhoenix

Irene Ivancan and Daniela Dodean met in the deciding encounter. Ivancan stood victorious by 11:6 in the first game but Dodean leveled by 11:8. The German player recovered and took the third game by 11:9. The fourth game was close too but Ivancan managed to win by 11:8 and sealed victory for Berlin. 

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