Cai Zhenhua Is Satisfied With Tianjin

Cai Zhenhua is satisfied with Tianjin
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The first leg of the Asia Euro All Star Challenge was unveiled last weekend in the Chinese city of Tianjin. In the first day of the contest, the Asian Team was in a 4-1 lead against the European Team. The Deputy Director of the State Sports General Administration, Cai Zhenhua went personally into the venue and gave his high commendation on the abilities of the contractors of the game. 



In 1995 World Championships held in Tianjin, the Chinese Table Tennis Team posted a wonderful comeback. As someone who witnessed a wonderful moment, Cai Zhenhua remained to have a special feeling towards Tianjin. 

Since this year's Asia Euro Challenge took place in Tianjin, the Deputy Director visited the venue of the competition. In terms of the level of the competition, Director Cai was satisfied. 

"I am very satisfied with the hosting capabilities of Tianjin. In such a short time, Tianjin has organized and operated different scales of competitions and created a good atmosphere in the stadium. I am very satisfied. So many years, from Tianjin's leaders to their masses, they have all given great support to sports especially on table tennis. So I am also very grateful to them. I also heard that there is a number of events that Tianjin is hosting at this time. Despite a heavy task, it is still very orderly and the audience was at ease. I hope that the next National Games will be held in Tianjin." Cai Zhenhua said. 

In the first day of competition, the Asian Team was ahead in 4-1. However, there was regret in the part of Tianjin as their homegrown talent, Hao Shuai lost his match against Bokan Tokic. Watching the match was Tianjin table tennis coach Ma Wenge. He said that the loss might be due to a long absence in competitions.

"Due to a back injury, my current trainings were not that complete. In addition, I haven't played in international competitions for a rather long time. This is my first time to play against Tokic. It was a little bit messy and I was impatient. I hope that I would have a good performance tomorrow." Hao Shuai said. 

In the second day of competition, Hao Shuai indeed redeemed himself and crushed Alexey Smirnov. At the same time, the Asian Team continued to post success as they scored 3-2, achieving a 7-3 overall score in the first leg. 

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