Christian Suss Apologised To His Fans (Video)

Christian Suss apologised to his fans (VIDEO)
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Christian Suss is one of the key players in Borussia Dusseldorf and his absence due to his knee injury was felt by his team mates and fans. However, the German player had a poor performance in the match against Ochsenhausen some weeks ago and his behaviour was criticized by Borussian fans and Andreas Preuss, Borussian Manager. Some days ago Suss published a letter written by himself apologising for his behaviour in the match against Ochsenhausen's Andrej Gacina. 

Andreas Preuss, Borussian Manager, was the first one who criticized Cristian Suss's behavior in the match against Andrej Gacina in the seventeenth round of the Bundesliga. The Borussian player was swept by Gacina in three games and didn't make an effort to revert the result. After the match Preuss said that Suss's behaviour was unprofessional and indefensible.  

Weeks after that situation Christian Suss wrote a letter published by apologising for his behaviour to his fans and the club. Christian Suss's letter below.

Dear table tennis fans, 

You are right about your critics on my behaviour in the Bundesliga match against Ochsenhausen. As I watched the match on TV, I realised how resigned I was in the court. 

It is clear that Gacina played fantastically well because all his hits were winners but I didn't fight back. I traveled to Bamberg, where Ochsenhausen's court is, to win but then I had the worst hour in the season. My club was also angry as you can imagine. 

I apologise to all people who payed for watching the match for my poor performance. I hope to be able to show some day or maybe in the Bundesliga's final on 25th May that I learned from that situation. 

Yours sincerelly, 

Christian Suss

This letter is just a translation of the original letter in German.

Christian Suss vs Andrej Gacina

Video kindly shared by Janus770

Photo and info. source: (Photo: Roscher)


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