Froschberg Won The European Superleague!

Froschberg won the European Superleague!
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Liu Jia's Froschberg crowned Women Superliga after standing victorious over Hodonin in the final. The Austrian club didn't have big problems during the whole tournament and won the title in an impressive form. This great victory makes Froschberg's players forget the painful elimination from the European Champions League against Daniela Dodean's Strock in semifinals. 

Froschberg 6-3 Hodonin

Iveta Vacenovska and Sofia Polcanova stood victorious over Ivanna Pelcmanova and katerina Penkakova by 3:2, and got the first point  for Froschberg. Then Pelcmanova struggled to beat Camelia Postoaca and leveled the score for Hodonin. 

Polcanova didn't have problems and overcame Katerina Penkakova by 3:0 and put Froschberg 2:1 up in the score. Iveta Vacenovska fought hard to defeat Alena Vachovcova by 3:2 and gave another point to Froschberg. However, Katerina Penkakova recovered, emerged successfully over Camelia Postoaca by 3:2 and put the score 2:3. 

In the sixth match Vacenovska swept with Ivana Pelcmanova and put the score 4:2 in favor of Froscherg. Hodonin didn't give up because Vachovcova defeated Sofia Polcanova by 3:1 and collected the third point for her team. Vacenovska came back into the arena and got another victory for Froschberg after beating Penkavova by 3:0. In the ninth match Postoaca redeemed herself by defeating Vachovcoca by 3:0 and secured victory for Froschberg. 

Froschberg 6-1 Hodonin

Liu Jia and Iveta Vacenovska got the first point for Froschberg after defeating Ivana Pelcmanova and Katerina Penkavova by 3:0. Then Liu Jia overcame Alena Vachovcova and gave another point to her team. Vacenovska emerged successfully over Pelcmanova by 3:0 and  took the third match for Froschberg. 

However, Sofia Polcanova swept with Katerina Penkavova by 3:0 and captured the first point for Hodonin. In the fifth match Vacenovska kept her rhythm and crushed Vachovcova by 3:0. In the next match Liu Jia beat Penkavova and put her team close to victory. Polcanova stood victorious over Ivana Pelcmanova and gave the Superleague's title to Froschberg.

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