Guo Yue Is The Leader Of The Chinese Team For The Olympics

Guo Yue is the leader of the Chinese Team for the Olympics
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No one expected Guo Yue to make it into the London Olympics. In recent years, Guo Yue was in her lowest point of her career and lost her confidence as well. At the start of this year, Guo Yue was still very silent, making her participation in London much more remote. However, in the very last minute, Guo Yue took all available opportunities, used it very well and eventually earned the trust back from the coaches.  

Being a delegate for the 2012 London Olympics came unexpectedly for Guo Yue. We all know that Guo Yue experienced a recent downturn in her career. She has experienced the ups and downs one can imagine. 

In the Singles, Guo Yue was clearly in bad shape for a period of time. However, in the Doubles, she is considered a master especially when paired with Li Xiaoxia. Last year, partnered with Li Xiaoxia, Guo Yan, Liu Shiwen, and Li Xiaodan, Guo Yue got a number of Women Doubles titles including the World Championships, Grand Finals, and the National Championships among others. Regardless who she partners with, Guo Yue is always set for gold. 

Chinese Women Team head coach Shi Zhihao is confident with the strength and performance of Guo Yue thus selecting her to be in the final lineup. Moreover, Shi Zhihao gave importance to the Olympic experience of Guo Yue as well. 

"First, Guo Yue's strength is worthy of recognition especially in the team event. Whether in Singles or in Doubles, Guo Yue is considerably strong. Talking about abilities, I am really confident for Guo Yue to represent China in the Team event. Coupled with her Olympic experience, Guo Yue will surely be of great help to the team." Shi Zhihao said. 

As early as 2007, when she first got her World Championships Singles crown and won the Olympic Team gold medal in Beijing, Guo Yue became a popular candidate for a new "sister" in the team. 

However, an upward trend started to curb downwards after the Beijing Olympics. Guo Yue had no more eye-catching performances. Especially in 2011, Guo Yue participated in the World Championships, Grand Finals, Asian Championships, National Championships, two Squad trials for the Rotterdam championships, 9 World Tour stations and 15 domestic competitions. Among those battles, Guo Yue hasn't won a single title. 

It was only in 2012 where Guo Yue's career started to pick up. But it didn't start immediately as she was plagued with injuries at the start of the year, missing the first few stations of the World Tour. Even in the Asian Championships, Guo Yue's participation came as a last notice. 

Fortunately, Guo Yue was able to come back into her senses and performed exactly what was expected from her. She contributed greatly in the Chinese victory in the Team events. In addition, in the World Team Championships, Guo Yue played in six matches and all of those were surpassed with a sweep victory. This was a good sign for the comeback of Guo Yue and snatching a place in the Olympics.

As someone who has the age, the experience and the wisdom, Guo Yue plays the role of a "sister" of the team for the London Olympics. With such heavy task of winning the gold medal, Guo Yue is expected to lift her teammates up and together achieve success. 

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