Jan-Ove Waldner Leaves Fulda-Maberzell!

Jan-Ove Waldner leaves Fulda-Maberzell!
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It's official. The legendary Jan-Ove Waldner leaves TTC RhonSprudel Fulda-Maberzell after representing the club for seven years. The information was confirmed by Stefan Frauenholz, Fulda's President, in an interview about Patrick Franziska's and Jonathan Groth's signings. Nowadays, the former world champion hasn't signed for another club and it's rumoured that he will put a definitive end to his career as a player. 

Stefan Frauenholz, Fulda-Maberzell's President, confirmed that Jan-Ove Waldner finished his contract with the club. Rumours started when Timo Boll published on his facebook website on Friday: Was yesterday match against us the last one for Jan-Ove Waldner? referring to the  Bundesliga semifinal between Borussia Dusseldorf and Fulda-Maberzell. Besides, Boll lamented Waldner's retirement if it's true but he added that Waldner isn't in his best form due to his age. 

The Swedish player arrived in Fulda in 2005 after the club went up to the Bundesliga's first division. Despite Waldner's presence, the club couldn't win the Bundesliga title but it gained respect from the other clubs. During all these years the former Olympic champion became a symbol of the club, so his absence will be felt by fans. 

Frauebholz said that the club is grateful to Waldner for all these years of compromise and the player and the club always will be related to each other. Besides, Fulda-President remarked that Waldner promised to visit them when Fulda plays at home. 

Now the question is: Will we witness the greatest player of all time's retirement? or Will he just move to another club? Which could be the reasons of a possible Waldner's retirement? 

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