Japanese Seeds Lost In Round 16 Women Singles

Japanese seeds lost in Round 16 Women Singles
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Japanese seeds Kasumi Ishikawa and Ai Fukuhara were held as victims of the Chinese players. They were defeated by the lower ranked Fan Ying and Wu Yang respectively. In addition, main players Ding Ning, Liu Shiwen and Li Xiaoxia also sealed their place in the quarterfinals. Lastly, Feng Tianwei wasn't able to surpass the hurdle victoriously after facing defeat from Viktoria Pavlovich of Belarus.  

The Round 16 of the 2012 China Open Women Singles took place today in Shanghai. In the round, the Chinese players maintained their strength as two of them posted additional casualties in the event. 

The Chinese players of the Women Team presented themselves strongly in the round at the expense of the Japanese seeds Kasumi Ishikawa and Ai Fukuhara. These two remaining paddlers of the Japanese Team were blocked in the round by the lower ranked players Fan Ying and Wu Yang. The 14th seed Fan Ying accounted for the defeat of the fourth seed Kasumi Ishikawa while the 9th seed Wu Yang swept the 8th seed Ai Fukuhara. This eventually led for the downfall of the Japanese Team in the Women Singles.  

Apart from the victory of Wu Yang and Fan Ying, the main players of the Chinese Team also played brilliantly in the round. Ding Ning defeated the South Korean chopper Kim Kyung Ah in five sets while Li Xiaoxia crushed the qualifier from Czech Republic Iveta Vacenovska. Lastly, the second seed Liu Shiwen ousted one of their teammates Chen Meng in four straight sets. 

The Hong Kong team had two players in the round, Tie Yana and Jiang Huajun. However, only one will advance further in the competition as these two frontliners faced each other today. Between the two, it was the higher seed Tie Yana who succeeded. In four sets, the 15th seed Jiang Huajun was defeated as Tie Yana enters the quarterfinals.  

As for the strongest competitor of the Chinese, the Singaporean Team lost another one of their players. The seventh seed Feng Tianwei lost to the 19th seed Viktoria Pavlovich in the round. In five sets, Viktoria Pavlovich sealed her place in the quarterfinals. Meanwhile, the higher seed Wang Yuegu had a rather easy round as she achieved victory through a walk over from Huang Yi Hua of Chinese Taipei. 

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