Kasumi Ishikawa And Kristian Karlsson Won U-21 At The Korea Open

Kasumi Ishikawa and Kristian Karlsson won U-21 at the Korea Open
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Kasumi Ishikawa was loyal to her top seed and captured her fifth U-21 title at the Korea Open, while Kristin Karlsson won his fist ever title. Despite her early departure at hand of China's WU Yang in the senior event, Kasumi Ishikawa recovered and got the title in great style. On the other hand, Karlsson  caused upsets as he defeated top seeds and clinched the title. 


Doubtless, Japan's Kasumi Ishikawa had dominated the U-21 event this year. Ishikawa has participated in five of the seven World Tour's tournaments so far and has clinched the U-21 title on all these occasions. In January the Japanese player collected the first title at the Slovenian Open as she beat her compatriot Misaki Morizono in the final. Then Ishikawa reappeared at the Qatar to repeat success over Ukraine's Margaryta Pesotska. 

After the World Team Championship held in Dortmund, Ishikawa emerged successfully over South Korea's Yang Ha Eun to captured her third U-21 title. Then the Japanese player arrived in the Chilean Open, where she overcame Yang again to add another title to her collection. 

After a long road Ishikawa arrived in South Korea, where spectactors' support wasn't enough for Yang to beat the Japanese star and let another title go. However, this time the U-21 title was a consolation prize for Ishikawa due to her unexpected departure against Wu Yang in the round of 16. The Japanese player will be present at the China Open that kicks off on Wednesday and we will see if she can win her sixth title in a row. 

On the other hand, Kristian Karlsson didn't have positive results in previous ITTF World Tour's tournaments but he overcame his fate and got his first ever U-21 title. In the round of 16 Karlsson stood victorious over South Horea's Jaejung Cho in five straight games. Then the Swedish player posted another victory over Japan's Asuka Machi by 4:2. Karlsson gained confidence and defeated top seed Noshad Alamiyan by 4:2 from Iran in semifinals causing the first upset. Finally, the Swede emerged successfully over Japan's Jin Ueda by 4:3 and crowned champion.  

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