Liu Shiwen Wants To Be The Olympic Champion

Liu Shiwen wants to be the Olympic Champion
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Liu Shiwen has been doing good in the World Tour series as she always reached the finals in every station she participated. However in big competitions, Liu Shiwen seemed to be lacking in the mental strength and eventually lost the trust from the coaches. Despite losing her eligibility for the London Olympics, Liu Shiwen remains to be strong in her desire to be an Olympic champion.  

In 2010, Liu Shiwen was once regarded as a "sister" of the Chinese Women Table Tennis Team. However, in the past two years, her performance was not very stable and eventually lost the trust from the coaches for the London Olympics. 

"I feel regret after being unsuccessful for the Olympic Games. This is probably because of the instability of my performance in recent years. However, I am still young. I hope that my defeat in this year's Olympic Games will motivate myself more." Liu Shiwen said. 

Indeed, Liu Shiwen's motivation is already in the air. Despite not being in the London Olympics and slipping her strong position within the Chinese Team, Liu Shiwen's heart is not weakened. "My goal is to become an Olympic champion! I hope I will be able to participate in the 2016 Olympics. This is my dream. I will not retire as winning the Olympics has been my goal." Liu Shiwen said frankly. 

Last weekend, Liu Shiwen reached the finals of the 2012 China Open Women Singles against teammate Li Xiaoxia. After five sets, Liu Shiwen faced defeat.

"It can be said that winning or losing in any match is normal in a competition. We are already familiar with each other. Since the start of the third set, I was a bit slow in my mobility while my opponent sped up. I wasn't able to keep up with the rhythm of Li Xiaoxia. I feel that losing was just normal. Despite that, I am still satisfied with the results. I hope that through the loss, I will be able to have a good conclusion and that my strength be improved." Liu Shiwen concluded. 

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