Ma Long / Xu Xin Won Korea's Men Doubles (Video)

Ma Long / Xu Xin won Korea's Men Doubles (VIDEO)
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2012 Korea Open. Guns were blazing in different directions at the start of the Men Doubles finals with the top seeds Wang Hao / Zhang Jike and Ma Long / Xu Xin all fired up. However, as the match progressed, it was the second seeds Ma and Xu who got the control while Wang Hao was in a very poor performance, leading his partnership with Zhang Jike in trouble. At the end of four sets, Ma Long and Xu Xin clinched the championship title.   

Ma Long / Xu Xin vs Zhang Jike / Wang Hao
video kindly shared by TTPoster

The 2012 Korea Open Men Doubles reached its conclusion today in Incheon with the top seeds Wang Hao / Zhang Jike and Ma Long / Xu Xin all coming from the Chinese Team. 

The top seeds Wang Hao and Zhang Jike first had the two-serve advantage and used it to their advantage with 2-0. Such entrance gave the top seeds the upper hand as they controlled in the first part of the opening set. Meanwhile, Ma Long and Xu Xin were not to be taken for granted as they were also in fine form, closing the gap in 6-6. Eventually, they are the first ones to reach set point and sealed the set with a tight 11-9. 

After losing the previous set, the Wang Hao-Zhang Jike partnership didn't have the upper hand as their teammates were in great control with a commanding 10-1. This time, it was clearly the Ma Long-Xu Xin partnership who owned the set with a crushing 11-2.

In the third set, Wang Hao continued to commit errors, giving their opponents the points. Wang and Zhang were down in 4-8. Eventually, Ma Long and Xu Xin were veru confident at this point and sealed a commanding 3-0 lead with 11-7.  

The top seeds Wang Hao and Zhang Jike returned into the arena for the fourth set still having the problems. When Ma Long and Xu Xin led in 3-0 and 4-1, Liu Guoliang called for a timeout. After the game resumed,  Ma Long and Xu Xin added one more point. 

At this point, the top seeds were in so much danger as they were down in 1-6. When Wang Hao and Zhang Jike came close in 5-8, it's the turn for the second seeds to call for a timeout. After the game resumed, Ma Long and Xu Xin came closer to the title and with 11-7, they sealed the match to their favor.    

After four sets, Ma Long somehow redeemed himself as he and Xu Xin were proclaimed the Men Doubles champions. 

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