Matsudaira Brothers' Sister Won 2012 Spanish Junior Open

Matsudaira brothers' sister won 2012 Spanish Junior Open
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Shiho Matsudaira made a difference just like her brothers Kenta and Kenji Matsudaira by crowning champion of the junior girl singles and team event at the Spanish Open in her very first appearance in a ITTF-Junior Circuit. However, she wasn't the only Japanese player, who kept family tradition because Masataka Morizono, Misaki Morizono's younger brother, dominated the tournament by winning the singles, doubles and team event. 


Well-known surnames prevailed in the junior event at the Spanish Open. Shiho Matsudaira, Kenta and Kenji Matsudaira's little sister, stood victorious in the singles and doubles event. Her victories are praiseworthy because this was the first time that Shiho participated in a ITTF-Junior Circuit, so she didn't have an easy way to the final. Matsudaira brothers' sister overcame Nicole Trustman in the last 16, Maria Xiao in quarterfinals, Li Ching Wan in semifinal and Doo Hoi Kem in the final. Besides, Shiho surprised everyone with the tomahawk service, Kenta's trade mark. 

However, Shiho Matsudaira didn't shine alone because Masakato Morizono, Misaki Morizono's younger brother, emerged successfully in singles, doubles and team event. The Japanese player beat Russia's Sadi Ismalov in the round of 32, Hong Kong's Tak Ka Hung in the round of 16,  Belgium's Florent Lambiet in quarterfinals, Japan's Kenta Tazoe in semifinals and Hong Kong's Chiu Chung Hei in the final. 

Matsudaira brothers and Misaki Morizono aren't the only players, whose brothers and sisters are involved in table tennis. Last year Misato Niwa, Koki Niwa's older sister, was part of the Japanese team that clinched the silver medal in the team event at the World Junior Championship held in Doha. That time Koki Niwa also got the silver medal at the team event and the gold medal in the singles event. Kasumi Ishikawa's little sister decided to followed her sister steps but doubtless, it won't be an easy job. Rira Ishikawa appeared in the international scene last year in Cadet Opens and is now in the seventh place of the Cadet world ranking. 

But Japan isn't the only country with family tradition in table tennis. In Europe we can find the legendary Jean-Micheal Saive and his brother Phillipe, who have participated in ITTF exhibitions. Viktoria and Veronika Pavlovich from Belarus got a historic bronze medal at the World Team Championship Bremen in 2006 as both players beat South Korea's Kim Kyung Ah and Park Mi Young  in quarterfinals. Years later Viktoria Pavlovich crowned European Champion. 

In Germany we can find Solja sisters. Ameli Solja won a historic bronze medal at the World Junior Championship Madrid 2008 but nowadays, the player represents Austria and qualified to the Olympic Games recently. On the other hand, Petrissa Solja, the younger sister, had a successful career in the cadet and junior circuit, and is expected to be part of the new German generation. We cannot forget Bernardette and Hunor Szocs from Romania. Hunor has been overshadowed by her little sister, who has collected several cadet and junior titles and won a place in the Romanian team together with Daniela Dodean and Elizabeta Samara. 

Photo and info. source: (Lluis Franco) 


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