Russia Won Euro-Africa Circuit Belarus Open 2012

Russia won Euro-Africa Circuit Belarus Open 2012
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Russia's Vasily Lakeev and Polina Mikhailova stood victorious in the men and women event at the Belarus Open.Foreigners gave no chance to host players but girls of the U-21 waved the flag for Belarus. This is the first tournament held as part of the Euro-Africa Circuit and also gives points for the world ranking.

14 countries participated in the first tournament of the Euro-Africa Circuit held in Minsk. Despite the event was created to foster European and African players, players from other continents also can compete in these tournaments.

Pavel Platonov and Alexandra Privalova were Belorussian hopes in the Open but Platonov, top seed, surprisingly fell in the first round, while Privalova was defeated in the final.

In the men event, Vasily Lakeev crowned champion after beating his compatriot Mikhail Paykov by 4:1 in teh final and Japan's Mizuki Oikawa by 4:3 in semifinals. In the boys U-21, Oikawa stood victorious over Mattias Oversjo by 4:0 and captured the title this time.

In the women event Polina Mikhailova from Russia clinched the title after defeating Belarus's Alexandra Privalova by 4:1 in the final and her compatriot Ekaterina Guseva in semifinals. However, Belorussian players put their flag in the U-21 girls' podium as Alina Arlouskaya emerged successfully over her compatriot Lizaveta Karasiova in the final.

The next Euro-Africa Circuit's tournament will be held in Zagreb, Croatia from 24th to 27th May.

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