Ruwen Filus And Andrej Gacina In Grenzau For The Next Bundesliga Season!

Ruwen Filus and Andrej Gacina in Grenzau for the next Bundesliga season!
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Some clubs started to reinforce their squads before the end of the Bundeliga's 2011-12 season and Zugbrucke Grenzau wasn't the exception. The German club hopes to have better result for the next season and recruited Germany's Ruwen Filus and Croatia's Andrej Gacina. With these signings, Zugbrucke Grenzau hopes to establish itself at the Bundesliga.


Last year Zugbrucke Grenzau announced happily Li Hu's signing for the 2011-12 season. The Chinese-born player, who represents Singapore, was expected to be the star of the team but he couldn't fulfill expectations and had a negative balance, 8 victories and 10 defeats. Finally, Zugbrucke finished in the 7th place of the league followed by Petr Korbel's Herne, Kenji Matsudaira's Frickenhausen and Aleksandar Karakasevic's Pluderhausen. The club scored seven victories and eleven defeats.  

Grenzau wants something more for the next season, so it just kept Zoltan Fejer-Konnerth and Tomas Pavelka, while Li Hu's contract wasn't renewed. Besides, the club reinforced its squad with Ruwen Filus and Andrej Gacina. 

Ruwen Filus was part of Hanau the recently finished season but the club announced that won't participate in the next season of the Bundesliga, so the German player was forced to emigrate. Manfred Gstettner, Zugbrucke Grenzau's President, expects that Filus's defensive style will attract spectators' attention. 

The other Grenzau's signing is Andrej Gacina. The Croatian player was team mate of Tiago Apolonoa and Kirill Skachkov in Ochsenhausen, Bundesliga's semifinalist. However, this isn't his best result in club competitions because Gacina won the European Champions League three times with Belgium's Royal Villette Charleroi. Gstettner confessed to be happy with Gacina's signing because now they have a balanced team.  

Photo and info. source: Zugbrucke Grenzau's Facebook web page - 


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