Tristan Flore Won The 2012 French Championship

Tristan Flore won the 2012 French Championship
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Young Tristan Flore is the new French Champion after defeating legendary Damien Eloi in the final on Saturday. Doubtless, Flore's victory surprised everyone, including himself, because he stood victorious over players such as Adrian Mattenet, Simon Gauzy, Emmanuel Lebesson and Quentin Robinot and became the second 16 years-old player, who wins the senior championship. In the women event, the champion was  Jia Nan Yuan. 


Tristan Flore crowned French champion in the senior event by beating Damien Eloi in four games (11:6, 13:11. 6:11, 11:7 and 11:8). Flore is the second junior player who won the National Champion after Jacques Secretin in 1966. In his way to the final the young player overcame Benjamin Brossier in six games, Emanuel Lebesson in four games,  Quentin Robinot by 4:0 and Michel Martinez by 4:0. 

Eloi defeated Mehdi Bouloussa, Jeremy Petiot, Brice Olliver, Simon Gauzy who beat Adrien Mattenet in the second round. After the final, Eloi said that he felt disappointed because he thinks it was his last chance to win the French Championship for second time. However, Eloi, 43, said to be satisfied with his career. On the other hand, Flore remarked to be happy and excited. he said that his goal was to be in the podium but not to win the title necessarily. 

In the women event the champion was Jia Nan Yuan, who stood victorious over Xue Li in seven games. Yuan overcame Carole Grundish by 4:3 in semifinals, while Xue emerged successfully over Audrey Mattenet in six games. 

In the doubles men event, Christophe Legout and Michel Martinez beat Emmanuel Lebesson and C. Mirault by 4:1. Legout and Martinez swept with Simon Gauzy and Quentin Robinot by 3:0, while Lebesson and Mirault  defeated Le Breton and Salifou by 3:1. In the  doubles women event, Le Lannic and Xue Li crowned champions after beating N. Cahoreau and Carole Grundish by 4:1.  

Photo and info. source: (Vincent Kovacs)


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