Wang Hao With Acute Gastroenteritis

Wang Hao with Acute Gastroenteritis
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The Round 16 was the end for the Olympic delegate Wang Hao in the recently concluded 2012 China Open Men Singles. He lost the round against Hong Kong's Jiang Tianyi in a close encounter of seven sets. After the match, it was reported that Wang Hao was suffering from stomach pains. At the end of the day, head coach Liu Guoliang confirmed that Wang Hao went to the hospital and was diagnosed with acute gastroenteritis. 

The Olympic Singles delegate Wang Hao was blocked in the Round 16 of the 2012 China Open Men Singles after losing against Hong Kong's Jiang Tianyi. After the match, it was reported that Wang Hao was not feeling good physically.  

"I was just relatively lucky." Jiang Tianyi exclaimed. At the same time, Jiang Tianyi also saw Wang Hao's poor physical condition. "Wang Hao may have some problems physically. His performance against me was not good." Jiang Tianyi added.  Lastly, his victory against Wang Hao made the Hong Kong player really pleased. "Winning against Chinese players is every athlete's desire. This has really improved my confidence and condition before the Olympics." Jiang Tianyi concluded. 

After loss in the Singles, Wang Hao played in the semifinals of the Doubles with Ma Long. In their match, Wang Hao and Ma Long defeated the Shanghai pair of Wang Liqin and Xu Xin. After the match, Wang Hao was said to be suffering from stomach pains and did not grace any interview. 

Instead, it was his partner Ma Long who answered the questions. "Wang Hao is indeed feeling uncomfortable physically. This could have affected his performance in the Singles." Ma Long said. 

At the end of the day, head coach Liu Guoliang reported on Wang Hao's physical condition. "This morning, Wang Hao said that he is having an upset stomach. It was quite unexpected." Liu Guoliang confirmed. Meanwhile, the head coach also said that after the day's matches, Wang Hao went to the hospital. After his check-up, it was found that Wang Hao had acute gastroenteritis and the appendix was also a bit swollen. 

"Wang Hao's loss in the Singles was also brought by the stomach pain which prevented him to move freely in the arena. However, in the match, I also saw that Wang Hao was not able to grasp his opportunities in some critical points. This is also one main reason for his loss." Liu Guoliang added.

The head coach confirmed that in addition to health reasons, there were also technical problems in Wang Hao's performance. "Losing a game before the Olympics is not a bad thing. In addition, Jiang Tianyi is a former Chinese Team player so both of them are quite familiar with each other. Jiang Tianyi was quite fierce in his performance today." Liu Guoliang concluded.

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Wang Hao reached 3 Olympics singles final, and lost all of them

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