Xu Xin Overcame The Olympic Team

Xu Xin overcame the Olympic Team
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Among the Chinese Team, the young Xu Xin has made his presence felt this year in World Tour stations. In Hungary, Xu Xin challenged Ma Long where he almost won. In Qatar, Xu Xin posted a wonderful recovery against Wang Hao. Just last month, Xu Xin defeated the two strongest players in the world Ma Long and Zhang Jike. Having to defeat the Olympic generals of the Chinese Team, Xu Xin remains to be humble and thinks that he is helping his teammates to be ready for more challenges in London.   

The Chinese Olympic delegates Zhang Jike, Wang Hao and Ma Long have one thing in common and that is experiencing defeat against their young teammate Xu Xin. This year, Xu Xin has been strong in his performances and has won two World Tour titles already - in Qatar and in China. 

In the China Open, Xu Xin consecutively won against the two generals Zhang Jike and Ma Long. "We are in the same team. The two of them already have many highlights in their careers. When they were reported for the Olympics, I also hoped to be in London with them whether just to help them or have the opportunity to compete in the arena. Both options are good opportunities. I am lagging behind and chasing them is a must." Xu Xin said. 

In the Qatar Open early this year, Xu Xin posted a wonderful reversal against Wang Hao and won the title in a tight 4-3 score. As a result, Xu Xin has already overcame the Olympic delegates Wang Hao, Zhang Jike, and Ma Long. 

"No need to emphasize on this. They are our players for the Olympic Games. The China Open was our last attendance in the World Tour series before the Olympic Games. I have given them certain degree of difficulty which they are likely to encounter in big competitions like the Olympics. So this is also good for them." Xu Xin concluded. 

With the current momentum Xu Xin is having, it will not come as a surprise if Xu Xin will follow his teammates Ma Long and Zhang Jike into the top in the near future. 

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