2012 Brazil Open: Men Singles Successful Qualifiers

2012 Brazil Open: Men Singles Successful Qualifiers
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It was no doubt that we are witnessing the Brazil Open as the hosts emerged to be the biggest winner in the Men Singles qualifying rounds. As soon as the third and final round ended, five of their men earned their tickets into the main draw of the competition and four out of five were unexpected. Unfortunately, the competition in the men division is steeper as only the top player from each group will advance in the next stage. 

The 2012 Brazil Open Men Singles ended their qualifying round yesterday, June 14 and only the top player from each group will now have their appointments with the seeded players. 

The hosting country showed what they got in the qualifying stage of the Men Singles. Despite being in the lower ranks, Paolo Rocha, Humberto Manhani, Danilo Toma, and Eric Jouti all did a very good job and finished on top of their respective groups. 

Coincidentally, these brave Brazillian players accounted for the defeat of the players from their neighboring country, Argentina. Eventually, the higher seeds from Argentina, Adriel Di Salvo, Javier Cillis, Emir Baca, and Fermin Tenti failed to enter into the main event of the competition. 

In addition to the unexpected victories from Brazil, the top ranked in Group 4, Hugo Calderano delivered what was expected from him. He finished first with his two victories against teammates Henrique Mitsuo Narita Filho and Caio Lobato. 

Similarly from the women division, the Indian Team was not silent in the Men Singles. Three of their qualifiers Soumyadeep Roy, Harmeet Desai, and Sanil Shetty were all in good shape as they had relatively comfortable wins in the qualifying stage. 

Belgium's Lauric Jean and Cedric Nuytinck were equally impressive as well. Lauric Jean, as the second seed in the stage maintained his sweep victories against the hosts Gabriel Pereira and Djalma Junior. Meanwhile, Nuytinck only lost one set throughout the stage.  

Due to the strong performance of the hosts, most of the Argentinians were not able to enter into the main draw. However, Rodrigo Gilabert is one exception. He remained on top of their group against three Brazilians, Gustavo Souza, Willian Sueyasu and Fabio Bucci. 

Top seed in the stage, Ryan Jenkins of Wales also delivered what was expected from him and safely transported into the main draw. He will be joined by the American Timothy Wang. Since there are only 13 qualifers who finished first, there will be three slots in the main draw to be given to lucky losers. 

The first round of their main draw will take place on June 15, 11:00 local time. 

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