2012 Ittf Oceania Championships And Cup

2012 ITTF Oceania Championships and Cup
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Fiji Islands are hosting the 2012 ITTF Oceania Championships and Cup, which are in crucial days. This tournament is divided into three events: Pacific Cup, Oceania Cup and Youth event. Doubtless, Australia dominates the competition by having more players in final stages of the three events. 


Fiji Islands is hosting the 2012 ITTF Oceania Championships and Cup that kicked off on July 3rd. The continental tournament is divided in thre event: Pacific Cup, Oceania Cup and the Youth event. 

The Pacific Cup already has semifinalist in the men and women event. Stephane Gilabert from New Caledonia and Choy Freddy from Kiribati will meet in the first semifinal, while New Caledonia's Fabien Lai Van and Vanuatu's Yoshua Shing will do in the second semifinal. In the women event, New Caledonia's Cathy Gauthier willl face her compatriot Lea Van Lai, while New Caledonia's Fabianna Faehau and Vanuatu's Anolyn Lulu will clash in the second match. 

The Oceania Cup is dominated by Australia. In the men singles semifinals, Australia's William Henzell will face Phillip Xiao from New Zealand and Australia Davis Powell will meet his compatriot Robert Frank. In the women event, Australian Jian Fang Lay will face her compatriot Vivian Tan, while Australia's Miao Miao and New Zealeand's Chunli Li will clash in the second semifinal. 

The  U-21 girls event is in the final stage. New Zealand's Natalie Paterson will face Nauru's Oxyna Gobure in teh first semifinal, while Australia's Eliza Forster will meet New Caledonia's Lea Van Lai in the second semifina. The U-21 boys singles event hasn't reached semifinals yet. In the men team event the winner was Australia by defeating New Zealand by 3:2 in the final. The gold medal in the women event went to Nauru that beat Fiji by 3:1 in the final. 

In the men team event, Australia clinched the gold medal after beating New Zealand by 3:0 in the final. In semifinals, the Australian team overcame New Caledonia by 3:0, while New Zealand beat Vanuatu by the same score. Autralia also stood victorious in the women event, the second place went to New Zealand, the third place to New Caledonia and the fourth place to Fiji. 

Photo and info. source: couriermail.com.au - ittf.com


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