Bernadette Szocs And Hugo Calderano Won The 2012 Junior And Cadet Polish Open

Bernadette Szocs and Hugo Calderano won the 2012 Junior and Cadet Polish Open
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Romania's Bernadette Szocs and Brazil's Hugo Calderano kept their top seeds and crowned junior champions at the Polish Open. In the cadet competition winners were Russia's Daria Chernova and Sweden's Simon Berglund. On the other hand, Daria Chernova from Russia and Simon Berglund from Sweden emerged successfully in the cadet event. 

Bernadette Szocs was the big winner of the 2012 Junior and Cadet Polish Open as she got the first place in the team event, second place in the doubles event and the first place in the singles event. In the singles final Szcos overcame Austria's Sofia Polcanova by 4:2, while she and Anja Schuh from Germany were defeated by Polcanova and Hungary's Mercedes Nagyvaradi in four games in the doubles event.

On the other hand, Hugo Calderano from Brazil struggled to beat his compatriot Eric Jouti in seven games. In the doubles event, Calderano and Jouti fell against the Czech pairing of Ondrek Bajger and Michal Benes by 3:1 in semifinals. Finally, champions of the event were Poland's Jakub Dyjas and Konrad Kulpa.

In the cadet girls event Russia's Daria Chernova stood victorious over her compatriot Marial Malanina by 3:2 in the final and Germany's Elena Lemmer by 3:2 in semifinals. In the doubles event Romania's Diana Lupu and Adina Diaconu defeated Czech Republik's Veronika Kmetova and Barbora Kapounova by 3:1 in the final.

In the cadet boys event Sweden's Simon Berglund struggled to beat Hungary's Bence Janos Majaros by 3:2 in the final and Denmark's Anders Lind by 3:2 in semifinals. In the boys doubles event Japan waved the flag as Yuto Kizukuri and Yuki Matsuyama clinched the gold medal after beating Germany's Nils Hohmeier and Dennis Klein by 3:1.

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