Hiroko Fujii / Misako Wakamiya Are The Women Doubles Champion

Hiroko Fujii / Misako Wakamiya are the Women Doubles Champion
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2012 Japan Open. Against South Koreans Dang ye Seo and Seok Ha Jung, the Japanese top seeds Hiroko Fujii and Misako Wakamiya came prepared for a tight match. The eighth seeds from South Korea indeed put up a good fight and made it difficult for their opponents to maintain a commanding lead. However, in every set, the Japanese pair was stronger and converted every advantage to solid points. At the end of four sets, Hiroko Fujii and Misako Wakamiya were hailed the champions.  

The 2012 Japan Open Women Doubles reached its conclusion today with the hosts Hiroko Fujii / Misako Wakamiya, top seed, against South Korean Dang Ye Seo / Seok Ha Jung, the eighth seed in the competition. 

The hosts were good as the first set started with quite an advantage. Despite some resistance from the challengers, Fujii and Wakamiya still won with a close 11-9. After losing the previous set in a tight score, the South Korean pair established their lead in the second set. However, the Japanese managed to recover and tied in 7-7. 

This made the South Korean call for a timeout. After the game resumed, Fujii and Wakamiya overtook to 8-7. Dang and Seo were still in the game and leveled in 10-10. After the tie, South Korea got set point but quickly recovered by Fujii and Wakamiya. Eventually, Japan led in 2-0 with anotther tight 13-11. 

Despite losing the previous sets, Dang Ye Seo and Seok Ha Jung were still not giving up in the match as they still make it hard for the hosts. However, just like the previous sets, the Japanese pair had the last laugh and sealed a 3-1 lead with 11-8. 

At this point, Dang Ye Seo and Seok Ha Jung were placed in a dangerous position, seeing the title slipping from their hands. In the fourth set, Hiroko Fujii and Misako Wakamiya completely dominated in 10-1. After South Korea saved one more point, Japanese pair Hiroko Fujii and Misako Wakamiya sealed the match with a convincing 11-2, completing a sweep victory. 

Eventually, the Women Doubles title went to the Japanese Hiroko Fujii and Misako Wakamiya in such an impressive manner. 

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